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Wednesday, 27.09.2023
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) is forming a network of 500 experts in digital transformation this year, including 100 e-government experts.

Developing human resources for digital transformation and equipping people with digital skills when moving activities to cyberspace are issues of great concern.

In its report about results of the National Assembly’s Resolution 75 on human resources for digital transformation for state agencies and for digital skills for the public, MIC said it had instructed the National Digital Transformation Department to build a plan on improving digital transformation capability from the central to local governments.

MIC has built an open online e-learning platform at to popularize digital skills for all people, including cadres, civil servants, public employees and workers, community digital technology groups and others. It will include advanced digital skills, and give training in skills, rights and responsibilities of digital citizens.

Put into operation in early April 2022, OneTouch has helped train 204,397 cadres, civil servants and public employees and 255,545 members of community digital technology groups, and popularize digital skills to people with 18 million hits.

Regarding activities in the time to come, MIC said it would concentrate on submitting to competent agencies a project on heightening digital transformation capability from the central to local levels.

MIC will also continue to organize refresher courses on digital transformation for IT officers at state agencies with a focus on digital data and the theme of 2023 "the year of national digital data".

It is expected that in 2023, MIC will form a network of 500 experts in digital transformation from ministries, branches and localities on the basis of 100 experts in e-government.

This will be the core force for digital transformation deployment in Vietnam.

The program on producing 100 experts in e-government to form a network of experts from the central to local levels was activated by MIC in late 2019. It includes heads and deputy heads of IT divisions, and IT center directors of ministries, branches and localities.

According to the United Nations, Vietnam now ranks 86th out of 193 countries in terms of digital government and e-government. Its cybersecurity index has jumped by 75 grades, now standing at the 25th position.

The contribution of the digital economy to GDP, as estimated by MIC, increased from 11.91 percent in 2021 to 14.26 percent in 2022.

MIC in late March submitted to the Prime Minister a plan on becoming one of the top 50 countries in the world in e-government by 2026 assessed by the United Nations.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Trong Dat

Quelle/Source:, 19.05.2023

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