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Thursday, 30.05.2024
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The Ministry of Municipality has digitalised waste disposal permit service which will be launched on March 30, 2024.

The new service will enable the beneficiary to request for a permit to dispose of waste in one of the ministry’s dumpsites or landfills.

It features automatic issuance of permits immediately without interference from employees by verifying all documents required by linking with the Ministry of Interior.

The Ministry of Municipality represented by the Waste Recycling and Treatment Department yesterday organised a workshop for government agencies, institutions and private sector companies on the pilot launch of the new version of waste disposal permit service.

This is coincided with Global Recycling Day to introduce the beneficiaries the new service before the final launch which is slated on March 30 on the occasion of International Day of Zero Waste.

Addressing the event, Director of the Waste Recycling and Treatment Department Eng Hamad Jassim Al Bahr said the new version of waste disposal permit service is one of the electronic services provided by the Ministry of Municipality through its website.

He said that this service targets all segments of society, whether government agencies, institutions, private sector companies, and all members of society.

Al Bahr said that the latest update to the service aims to facilitate the process of applying for a permit to dispose of waste from all these categories, through a set of features that have been developed to simplify operations, speed up the completion of transactions, and achieve a high level of accuracy, transparency, and reliability in all stages of work.

He said that the most important features of the new service includes automatic issuance of permits immediately without interference from employees by verifying all documents required by linking with the Ministry of Interior, except for some cases that include vehicle ownership by persons under the age of 18 years.

He said that it allows digitalised vehicle registration by linking with the General Directorate of Traffic and allowing only valid vehicles to register, which achieves the highest levels of accuracy and reliability in services.

Al Bahr said that the new service unifies permits so that the permit is for vehicles and for all locations and not for each location separately as was the case in the previous system, which eases application process for beneficiaries.

He said that it also features adding permits in the same application for a group of vehicles to facilitate entry operations. Al Bahra said that the service unifies the default period for permits to three months, with the permit period linked to the expiry date of the vehicle road permit.

He said that other features that serve the management of waste recycling and treatment, include recording the actual weights of vehicle loads on the site and ensuring that all beneficiaries’ vehicles dispose of waste in designated locations.

Director of the Information Systems Department Hamda Abdel Aziz Al Maadeed said that the new services comes within the outcomes of the digital transformation project for the Ministry of Municipality’s services provided to the public, which is currently being implemented.

“The digital transformation project aims to develop 400 services. The number of electronic services available on the website reached 148 services, and the number of services in the Ministry’s “Oun” app reached 139 services and inquiries,” said Al Maadeed.

She said that it sets up electronic links with many other data sources of other entities in the country, ensuring the validity and accuracy of data and its real-time updating.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Sanaullah Ataullah

Quelle/Source: The Peninsula Qatar, 19.03.2024

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