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Thursday, 18.04.2024
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Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), has deployed the city’s first-ever smart pole street lights totaling 87. The lights which are anchored on telecom infrastructure have been placed around various places in the city.

Thirty-three of them are deployed along Kololo Hill Drive, thirty along Nile Avenue, and 18 along Nkrumah Road.

The others are the grid-powered flood lights which are grid powered. Those have been installed along Kazo Angola Road (6), Naguru Godown Road (1), Mengo Market (1), Naguru Kasenge Remand Home Road (1), Makerere Kagugube (1), Namuwongo Green Hill Road (1) and along Kitante Hill road (1).

The lights have been installed through a partnership between KCCA and the American Tower Corporation (ATC) under Authority’s smart city initiative.

Speaking at the Commissioning of the Lights, Minsa Kabanda, the Minister for Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs said the integration of solar-powered streetlights with telecommunication infrastructure is a forward-thinking approach that aligns with the government’s Vision for a modern, sustainable Kampala City.

“This partnership with ATC Uganda is a significant step in our journey to enhance the city’s infrastructure and provide our citizens with reliable services,” Kabanda said.

Dorothy Kisaka, KCCA Executive Director said, “The Smart City Initiative is more than just a blueprint; it is our strategic commitment to building an integrated, efficient, and sustainable urban environment here in Kampala. Leveraging technology is at the core of this initiative, aimed at improving the well-being of our citizens by enhancing the delivery of services.”

Kisaka added that the city needs about 40,000 streetlights but only 6,000 have been installed. She said of 6000, about 75% functional.

“While we’ve undertaken activities ourselves, the private sector’s involvement is crucial. This is where our private sector players like ATC, have played a significant role. ATC’s contribution to the deployment of smart poles and streetlights across various locations in the city has been instrumental. This partnership has not only opened up the night economy but also enhanced safety on our streets. The impact of this collaboration goes beyond the physical installations; it is about transforming the way our city operates and ensuring a brighter future for all.”

These smart poles, which are essentially outdoor distributed antenna systems, are being installed in densely populated areas of the city, including Old Taxi Park, Nakivubo Blue, and Namayuba Taxi Park. The initiative not only enhances telecommunication infrastructure but also integrates solar-powered street lighting, contributing to the city’s illumination and safety.

Dorothy Kabagambe Semanda, ATC Uganda’s Chief Executive Officer, notes that ATC intends to have enhanced security in these areas by lighting up hence averting crime because it’s a cross-cutting issue affecting all the city residents.

She adds “This partnership is a part of our commitment to providing vital telecom infrastructure that combines connectivity with street lighting.

According to Ssemanda, deploying solar-powered streetlights underscores ATC Uganda’s dedication to sustainability and supports the global drive towards net-zero emissions.

The dual-function smart poles not only offer high-speed connectivity for mobile data and voice call services but also provide eco-friendly, solar-powered street lighting.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Javira Ssebwami

Quelle/Source: PML Daily, 26.01.2024

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