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Saturday, 20.08.2022
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

Zvishavane town council has constructed a block of flats that can accommodate six families in Mandava suburb – as the town embraces the smart city concept.

The smart city concept will result in the destruction of the old and dilapidated cluster houses known as Majarada and replace them with garden flats.

One block of cluster houses was destroyed and replaced with garden flats while one is already under construction as the town embarks on a multimillion dollar project to replace 80 blocks.

After the process, 480 families will benefit and will be in flats which will have individual toilets instead of communal ones.

Mandava suburb, built in 1916, is the oldest township in Zvishavane with the majority of its structures now dilapidated and uninhabitable.

Under the urban renewal project, the local authority is using devolution funds to construct blocks of flats, with three rooms allocated to each family.

The town council has received more than $100 million in devolution funds that have been used to improve the lives of residents since the coming in of the Second Republic.

Speaking during the commissioning of the first batch of the flats recently, the Minister of State for Midlands Provincial Affairs and Devolution Larry Mavima commended the local authority for channelling devolution funds to a good cause.

He said the Second Republic’s smart city concept was gathering pace and local authorities should shift focus.

“A smart city is one that uses information communication technologies to improve operational efficiency, share information with the public and provide a better quality of government service and citizen welfare.

The President has reiterated that Zimbabwe was for Zimbabweans and Zimbabweans should take a leading role in rebuilding their nation.

To this end, the Second Republic has been playing its part, disbursing funds towards development to each local authority,” he said.

Minister Mavima said local authorities should put devolution funds to good use and shun corruption.

“You must work hard in your various positions of authority as we develop our nation together.

Those caught on the wrong side of the law will face the consequences, corruption has no place in our local authorities,” he said.

“We are happy to have seen the commissioning of a block of new modern flats built under the New Government Administration smart city concept in Mandava suburb.”

Zvishavane Town Council acting secretary, Mr Mongororo Mazai said the local authority is on an urban renewal drive.

“Zvishavane Town Council, using devolution funds, has been demolishing these old structures replacing them with the new modern garden flats in line with the country’s Vision 2030,” he said.

“So far under the project, we have managed to finish one block with three rooms per family, we are demolishing those old worn out structures replacing them with modern infrastructure, and in the next three months we are set to finish another one. A total of 480 families will benefit,” said Mr Mazai.

“The town is developing and we are embracing the Government’s vision of smart cities concept.

We can’t have our residents living under squalid conditions and this is a welcome development.

This has been made possible by the Government that has been allocating us devolution funds,” he said.

Recently, the local authority constructed and refurbished Mabhula Sewer Treatment Plant with a capacity to process six million litres of waste per day.

Mr Mazai said the Mabhula sewer treatment plant was upgraded using devolution funds.

He said the $400 000 project, which had stalled for three years, was completed after the Government intervened.

“We had a contractual dispute with the first contractor but now we are done with the project, we have started pumping raw sewer and filling up the tanks.

I can say everything is up and running,” said Mr Mazai.

The devolution programme is part of the Second Republic’s initiatives aimed at fostering inclusive socio-economic development throughout the country.


Quelle/Source: Chronicle, 25.05.2022

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