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Friday, 24.05.2024
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

Digital transformation is essential for any nation in order to better serve its citizens and when governments are committed to digital innovation and sustainability, it complements and promotes the effort to achieve all 17 SDGs.

President, Ratu Wiliame Katonivere said this while officially launching the Online Filing Software of the Judicial Department at the Grand Pacific Hotel yesterday.

“The new e-filing system is an end-to-end system that shall capture all the current physical workflow of the Courts, allowing for greater transparency and efficiency within the judicial system,” Ratu Wiliame said.

“With a click of a button the status of case files can be checked, again allowing for easy access to the general public and the stakeholders. Furthermore, service kiosks will be made available so that litigants that are unfamiliar with technology can still be assisted to lodge cases and file documents,” he said.

The online filing software is catagorised into two different modules that work effortlessly to provide e-filing services:

  • Module 1 – Online Services (OLS) – caters to litigants, their legal representatives and other stakeholders who can lodge cases and file documents. The OLS also processes online payments for transactions. These were services that were physically carried out at a Court Registry before such a system.
  • Module 2 – CaseHQ – documents that have been filed under the OLS are accessible to court staff, judicial officers and the Judicial Department’s support staff via the CaseHQ. The long-term intention is to streamline services with all Court Registries in the country utilising the digital platform.

Some of the benefits of the eFiling system include the reduction of backlogs by streamlining automating and processes, eliminates hard copy documents, fully engages parties, representatives and citizens electronically through eFiling, case tracking, electronic notifications, outcomes and orders and it automates manual processes such as lodgments, listings, hearings, case reviews, correspondence, reminders and escalations.

Chief Justice, Kamal Kumar said the eFiling system works in line with the government’s Digital and Transformation program of reducing carbon emissions. He also attributed thanks to collaborating partners such as the UNDP, ReadyTech and the Department of ITC amongst others for the success of the online system.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Talebula Kate

Quelle/Source: The Fiji Times, 31.01.2023

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