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Monday, 27.05.2024
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001
In August of last year, the governments of Belize and Taiwan opened Belize's first Information and Communication Technology Center.

The promise then was to introduce new technology such as broadband wireless service, and a mobile telephone system - to be used in rural areas.

Today, the Taiwanese government was living up to its promise when it officially inaugurated a new WIFI infrastructure and IP Telephone system.

H. E. David K. Wu - Ambassador, Republic of Taiwan:

"Today's inauguration of the WIFI infrastructure and IP Telephone System is undoubtedly one important step further for the betterment of the communication, as well as the the efficiency of the Govermental Agencies in Belize. While the high-tech ICT industry is the backbone of Taiwan's economy, we are more than willing to share our expertise and experience with our very important diplomatic ally, Belize. We are hoping that the launch of the WIFI technology will lead to the success of the project, such as wireless building to building application, a first directed connection for users to access the E-Government Systems in the ICT Center. Secondly, broadband wireless connection to the neighboring areas, certainly wireless video surveillance for public and neighborhood safety and firstly, IP Telephony System. These projects will assist the Government of Belize by reducing telephone bills, because it's all free of charge, without the billing from BTL. Make technology accessible and the reduced digital divide enabling rural areas or certain residential areas neighborhood, where the current broadband interest is not yet available."

John Saldivar, Minister of Public Service:

"Any discussion of growth and development, and certainly any discussion of sustainable growth and development to my mind, stems from two things: improvements in productivity and improvements in efficiency. That is what makes any development and growth sustainable. And so ICT is one of the ways in which Government can make it's development and it's growth more sustainable. And it's is for that reason, that I am very happy and excited to see, as the Ambassador has said, that we're moving so swiftly forward. We are moving so fast in developing ICT in the Public Service. And to make sure that we can take advantage, as many other countries have done, in the power of ICT to transform societies, and to make service delivery more efficient. I'm therefore happy that we've been able to reach to this milestone so quickly, where we're able today, to launch this WIFI system and the telephony system, one that will help to make our service delivery more efficient, but also more cost-efficient."

From what we understand the new system will be mobilized in a van which will roam and provide service to those in remote areas where internet and phone are not widely available.


Quelle/Source: Channel 7 Daily News, 11.05.2011

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