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Friday, 5.03.2021
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

TGI SOLAR POWER GROUP INC. (OTC PINK:TSPG) ("TGI"), a diversified technology company, announced today that it has initiated SMART CITY Pilot Project in Mexico and had a Groundbreaking and Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for a New TGI Community - Taak-Bal ADVENT CITY in Yucatan, Mexico. This project is going to be treated as a pilot project, where we can implement all the technologies available to TGI - either owned, acquired or outsourced. This project is going to take about 36 months to develop, and total estimated cost of is expected to be in excess $220MM, not including additional capital from affiliates and outsourced services, that should bring the total above $1B.

Ribbon Cutting Future Nursery Cenote

"An exciting feature of the new development structure will be unique green energy and other leading-edge technologies which aids TGI / ADVENT in sticking to their goal of 100% sustainability within our projects," said "Mayor" Andres Buenfil, president and project manager of our Mexican Developments. "I am thankful for the joint efforts of the TGI/ ADVENT staff, for making the development of the new ADVENT CITY project possible. In addition, we have plans for an airport for small planes and passenger drones, a medical center (for medical tourism), R & D technology incubator, indoor vertical farming, to provide fresh fruits, vegetables and other high value foods to the entire ADVENT Community. We plan to include 3 local restaurants, 500 residential homes, a hotel and small resort with private dwellings and an entertainment center. The property has beautiful 9 cenotes to be enjoyed by the members of the community."

"We're in the middle of an ongoing crisis. Every decision we need to make around technology needs to be incredibly strategic, tied to very specific problems and outcomes and tied to future-scaling," Henry Val, CEO of TGI said. "The future has to be this seamless digital/physical blended experience of multiple systems that don't feel tricky to navigate between. The pandemic stands to change the makeup of cities, almost 40% of big-city dwellers say they want to move to less-crowded areas, according to a recent Harris Poll, which means population may decrease in urban centers and increase in suburban ones."


Quelle/Source: Accesswire, 08.01.2021

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