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Sunday, 23.02.2020
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The smart city concept basically entails having more digital technology around cities will ensure for a safer city. One major ongoing issue is traffic collisions. With the help of smart city systems, this issue could be decreased. A couple of methods of technology that cities have been commonly using to monitor speed enforcement are semi-stationary and mobile systems, according to These have been regarded as solutions to establishing a safer city and keeping traffic collisions held to a minimum.

One city that is trying to promote this concept is London. Thousands of cameras are already deployed around the city. In addition, the Metropolitan Police of London are soon going to be deploying a drone to oversee the road, as stated by The drone will assist police by surveying the roads for dangerous drivers; once a threatening driver is spotted, police will be informed immediately.

A great feature that drone portrays is the ability to be flown at both high and low altitudes. The drone also features night vision capabilities, making it possible for Metropolitan police to operate the drone at any hour of the day.

The goal of the drone will be to hopefully discourage drivers of engaging in dangerous behaviors such as driving under the influence and racing. The more intense the enforcement, the more likely deterrence will successfully be carried out.

The drone carries great potential and renders many benefits. If the drone becomes a success, do not be surprised if Metropolitan Police undertake the idea of having drones monitor all roads to set out for a safer city.


Quelle/Source: i-HLS - Israel Homeland Security, 12.07.2019

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