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Thursday, 2.12.2021
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

Everything on application thanks to new technologies

Artificial intelligence now allows us to manage everything in real time . Car traffic, pollution rates, business hours: everything is focused on applications. They allow us to manage our lives saving time and money. If, for example, you need to get to the Gare de Lyon car park without going in circles, all you have to do is connect to the appropriate application. By choosing the date and time, you will find the ideal location for your car. It is with this kind of connected tool that smart urban mobility is now developing in Paris.

Fluid mobility to protect the ‘environment

Being connected to a city’s infrastructure as in the case of a car park allows adapt everything to demand. Transport is a major issue for the city of the future. In Paris, half of the city’s surface area is reserved for conventional vehicles. This shows the impact of pollution on the quality of life! By optimizing travel time thanks to multiple applications, we are moving towards sustainable development. In the near future, it could be that drones play the delivery men and that air traffic makes it possible to benefit from greener cities. Cities in which we will travel on foot, by bike, by electric car or by public transport using green hydrogen.

Connected objects for a smart city

To make mobility ever more fluid in the heart of the cities of the future, public policies must constantly rethink space. The IoT is starting to develop in cities to create direct interaction with the user. This connected detection system helps minimize traffic. Paris has invested in parking detectors to indicate the number of free spaces. Informed, guided and reassured, users can go to a place without it being unnecessary. Better still: indicate only your meeting place so that the best route is offered with the most suitable means of transport. To achieve the development of this intelligent mobility, it is necessary to make objects connected to each other so that everything is ultimately connected. Both on a city scale and at a higher level.

Getting around on foot or by electric car

Here we are ! The development of electricity in cities continues to grow. However, transport is the activity that contributes the most to gas emissions. In 2019, he represented % of this program. The Paris Agreement and the Climate Plan signed by France will reduce this impact. It fixes the end of the sale of “new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles using fossil fuels” by 2040. This is why the allocation of “smart charging” or “intelligent charging stations” will be decisive. With a solar energy storage system, these recharges will supply our electric transport by keeping us informed of their availability.


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