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Thursday, 18.04.2024
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Optibus’ bus scheduling software and Timetable Optimisation will transform how services are planned and scheduled in the face of bus driver retention obstacles.

Japanese public transportation operator Iwakuni Bus has selected Optibus’ transportation management platform to help optimise its 1.2 million annual passenger trips in the city of Iwakuni in Japan’s Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Using Optibus’ bus scheduling software and Timetable Optimisation feature, Iwakuni Bus will bring to Iwakuni a new software infrastructure to transform how services are planned and scheduled in the face of global bus driver retention and recruitment obstacles.

Transportation planners

According to Optibus, the process begins with Iwakuni Bus replacing its home-made and manual processes with Optibus’ cloud-native platform, which makes optimisation algorithms, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) accessible to transportation planners and schedulers of all backgrounds, due to the platform’s easy-to-use interface.

As a result, it becomes easier to plan better public transportation services while reducing costs and boosting operational efficiency.

The Optibus software system will also be used to improve bus driver recruitment and retention by applying duty optimisation and timetable optimisation that, Optibus claims, makes bus driver work conditions more appealing and broadens the candidate pool.

“There are many public transportation challenges that can only be solved using more advanced planning and operating solutions. Optibus’ software system provides the tools needed for our team to effectively address bus driver shortages and bring a new level of service efficiency to our city,” said Junji Ueda, CEO and president of Iwakuni Bus.

“I am honoured to be working with Iwakuni Bus to implement a more advanced process for running public transportation in the city. Automation and artificial intelligence are powerful tools for planning better public transportation and running a more efficient operation, and I am excited to be working with Iwakuni Bus to spread these tools across the public transportation industry in Japan,” added Hiroshi Oshima, Japan country manager, Optibus.

The signing of Iwakuni Bus follows Optibus’ recent signing of Akita City, which will use Optibus’ software to redesign the city’s public transportation network for improved efficiency.

Network redesign and optimisation will also help Akita account for challenges when reimagining sustainability, including driver shortages and changes in ridership demand due to demographic changes such as a shrinking population and aging society.



Quelle/Source: Smart Cities World, 01.02.2024

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