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Tuesday, 14.07.2020
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001
New centres with access to government internet services, as well as an SMS feedback channel on what other services you might want on your mobile phone, are now available.

Not everybody has access to broadband internet and that percentage as of June 2006 stands at just under six in 10 people.

So to make government services more accessible using the internet, 22 new CitizensConnect Centres have been set up in community centres and clubs. This is an initiative by the Infocomm Development Authority and the Finance Ministry.

Each centre has two computers and an officer to help you pay your government bills and renew or apply for HDB season parking tickets, among other services.

"The groups that we need to reach out to are very diverse. CPF is a good example. They have millions of users and millions of transactions each month and it is important we are able to reach out to meet their different needs," says Defence Minister Teo Chee Hean.

Aside from the CitizensConnect Centres, the government is making more of its services available through mobile phones in the hope of reaching out to more Singaporeans, such as viewing CPF account balances and investments, and even the latest traffic conditions.

Meantime, you can take part in deciding what services can be provided through a SMS feedback service.

"This is the beginning of something (new) and that's why the public will be able to put forth more ideas to the government through this 'One SMS'," says Lo Yoong Khong, deputy director of E-Government Policies & Programmes at IDA.

To take part, key mgov , followed by your service suggestion and send it to 74688.

The line is open till the end of the year.

Autor(en)/Author(s): Wong Mun Wai

Quelle/Source: Channel News Asia, 15.11.2006

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