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Saturday, 2.07.2022
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The Internet of Things (IoT) has been developing rapidly in recent years because of its integration of various technologies and its ability to empower various industries. The AIoT Industry Panorama 2022 Report points out that after more than ten years of technology, product development and continuous demand, the AIoT industry has completed the accumulation phase and entered the growth period. Some industry professionals believe that the overall market potential value of the Internet of Things is over ten trillion yuan, and the potential for industry-driven applications is huge.

5G drives IoT boom

With 4G reaching its peak and 5G continuing to gain momentum, 5G is the key for opening up the scale of IoT. It is predicted that by 2025, the number of IoT connections will exceed 5.3 billion, of which 5G will contribute up to 73%. 5G’s contribution to the development of the IoT industry will be irreplaceable. 5G network capabilities enhance data diversification, high-speed processing, and add up value, which can improve public transportation, logistics, emergency services, environmental protection, and e-government for urban governance.

After the integration of 5G and IoT, the coverage of IoT will be greatly improved. The emergence and comprehensive coverage of 5G helps IoT solve application problems. It can meet the demand of high reliability, high speed and low power consumption of IoT, which will realize a bigger leap from basic layer to application layer and make IoT can be applied in various scenarios on a large scale, further opening up the market space. GSMA think tank predicts that by 2030, the smart city IoT connections in Asia Pacific will exceed 550 million.

With the 5G wave, a new industry consensus is that 5G+AI+IoT will become the most important technology in the world in the next 20 years. 5G has the characteristics of high speed, large capacity and low latency, bringing a more efficient information transmission channel for the IoT of everything connected. AI technology, on the other hand, provides a more intelligent information collection portal and richer application scenarios for IoT. The ability to pull a relatively isolated device into a scenario through AI can greatly enhance the response space of IoT.

5G+AIoT is the biggest opportunity for the next round of technology dividend. The main focus is on smart cars and smart homes. They are the first scenarios where AIoT will land, and leading companies such as Tesla have already gotten their hands on them. In addition, wearable devices, smart cities, industrial Internet and other fields are also expected to generate more investment opportunities.

Technology drives IoT boom

Smart cars are the first IoT application scenario to be landed. The global smart car gradually enters the outbreak period. Smart car penetration rate continues to rise and gradually enters the outbreak period. Tesla’s technology continues to progress, and the market pays more attention to Tesla. Rapid development of autonomous driving solutions, going hand in hand with ADAS and self-driving services. Technology giants and startups are entering the market together, with Google, Amazon, Baidu and other companies entering the automotive electronics and autonomous driving market through self-research or M&A. It is worth noting that Nvidia has an advantage in the field of self-driving training, gradually expanding the inference market.

Smart home includes smart home appliances, smart audio and video, smart lighting, home security, smart connectivity and control, and many other aspects. Smart home technology advancement, scene maturity and cost decrease together drive smart home into accelerated popularization period. Among them, smart home appliances account for the highest market size among all smart home products, driving IoT sales up due to cost decline, scene derivation, and gradual formation of user habits. Other categories such as smart TV, sweeping robot, smart lamps and lanterns, and refrigerators are also expected to be rapidly networked and intelligent.

In addition, the acceleration of digital transformation in various fields is expected to drive further expansion of smart cities, industrial Internet and other market size. With the support of AI, the city will have a “smart brain” to maximize urban management. 5G+AIoT era smart city will be highly intelligent and automated, and various services can be personalized according to user preferences, while the degree of collaboration in many aspects such as travel is higher.

Leading companies see development opportunities

After years of exploration and practice, IoT technology solutions continue to mature, data-driven instead of experience-driven has become the consensus of the industry’s digital transformation, accelerating the upgrade in the direction of 5G intelligent Internet of things. How can enterprises firmly grasp the opportunity of the digital intelligence era, crack the problem of digital intelligence upgrade, and meet the challenges of digital intelligence transformation? In the process of 5G technology-enabled industry transformation, WiMi Hologram Cloud(NASDAQ:WIMI) has long been committed to providing services for 5G+AI and has deep industrial experience.

On the one hand, WiMi Hologram Cloud(NASDAQ:WIMI) strengthens industrial cooperation and innovates cooperation mode, wins the bid of China Mobile and Media Cloud Platform Phase II Holographic Remote Interaction Project, and cooperates with China Mobile to build 5G prosperous industrial ecosystem. On the other hand, WIMI uses 5G wireless technology to derive more industry intelligent applications, giving full play to its technical advantages in artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, edge computing, etc. During its R&D process, WIMI has accumulated 195 patents and 325 software copyrights related to image processing and display, model input/output, and 3D modeling, which lay a good foundation for the company to develop more IoT application fields.

With the rapid development of the smart car industry, the synergistic effect of WIMI LIDAR solution empowering the vehicle field is worth looking forward to. The company has independently developed 3D holographic pulse LIDAR product, which is a multi-functional holographic pulse LIDAR sensor with large detection field of view, long detection distance, unique scanning mode, its small size and light weight. The company’s LIDAR solution provides software development kits to accompany the hardware product, including target detection, classification and counting functions. It is mainly oriented to application scenarios such as autonomous driving, intelligent robotics, drones, medical imaging, Internet of Things, traffic management, 3D printing, etc. It is rapidly expanding the market of automotive autonomous driving applications, and the synergy effect is worth looking forward to.

In fact, various industries and enterprises are at different levels of digitization and development stages. Therefore, experts analyze that the development of 5G applications must be closely integrated with industry characteristics and development needs, and fully grasp the stage, innovative and complex characteristics of 5G application development. Take WIMI as an example, it integrates with industry to promote the development and application of 5G, AI, IoT and other technologies in various vertical fields, and plays an important role in the digitalization and intelligent transformation of 5G. It not only seizes the opportunity of 5G market development, but also greatly helps the high-quality development of the digital economy.


Accelerated development of AIoT is gaining a lot of policy-level support, and the relevant planning further indicates that the IoT track has high certainty and high growth, and new AIoT applications are expected to explode one after another. Maybe IoT brings huge changes is not far away.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Patrick L. Kobayashi

Quelle/Source: Newstrail, 10.05.2022

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