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Saturday, 20.07.2024
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CTO Chief Technology Officer

  • US: What Is a Chief Technology Officer?

    While a general definition is not useful, the role can be better understood through an ontological process.

    Unlike the chief information officer (CIO), the role of chief technology officer (CTO) does not have a standard definition. Because this role varies so much from one organization to the next, saying the CTO is the person in charge of technology is as specific as one can be without looking at a given organization's structure, mission and history.

  • USA: A case for government CTOs

    A recent report by the NGA (National Governor's Association) Center for Best Practices reiterated the need for Governors to have strong, effective CIOs to manage their IT infrastructure. You might think this is a foregone conclusion, but some states still wonder, and each new wave of Governors struggles with the right mix anew.
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