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Tuesday, 28.05.2024
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  • dgMarket Online Information Service Extends Coverage to Include US Tenders

    More than $500 Billion in Tenders Annually

    The leading independent aggregator of government tender information online, dgMarket, has expanded coverage to include US Federal Government tender notices. The dgMarket service, which is a growing program of the Development Gateway Foundation, will now feature more than $500 billion in contracts worldwide on an annual basis.

  • Allago vermittelt jetzt öffentliche Ausschreibungen

    Durch eine neue Kooperation erweitert der Dienstleister den eigenen Ausschreibungs-Service und bietet seinen Kunden damit Zugang zu neuen Umsatzmöglichkeiten.
  • EU consults on revising systems for public sector procurement: get involved!

    The European Commission is asking the public sector and businesses for their views on an updated version of the 'Common Procurement Vocabulary' (CPV), which is the EU-wide classification system for public procurement contracts.

    The CPV helps all EU businesses and SMEs to easily identify public procurement contracts offered by any EU public authority, irrespective of the original language of the tender notice, thereby increasing competition, efficiency and transparency. The updated version of the CPV takes account of recent market developments and new possibilities offered by electronic procurement, such as structuring and analysis of expenditure and compilation of statistics. The results of the consultation, which is in the form of an online questionnaire, will contribute to the final version of the updated CPV.

  • EU defines Action Plan to put European public procurement online

    The European Commission has published an Action Plan on electronic public procurement to assist Member States in implementing the new Procurement Directives adopted in 2004.

    The objective is to enable any business with a PC and an internet connection to bid for public contracts electronically anywhere in the EU, based on clear conditions and procedures and with all the necessary security.

  • Ireland: Tender is the site

    “We are attracting a large percentage of small and medium-sized companies because of the nature of tenders,” explains Liz Nolan (pictured), assistant principal at the Department of Finance and the lady behind one of Ireland’s most powerful web portals potentially responsible for leading to €15bn worth of business every year.

    “The tendering process can vary depending on the complexity of the tender but most public bodies offering contracts over €50,000 would seek tenders online.”

  • Public procurement can boost IT sector, experts say

    Experts have said that fostering the development of local information technology (IT) sectors via public procurement must involve industry, government, development partners, and international financial institutions.

    They were speaking at the second Global e-Government Forum, which was held on 22 and 23 October in Ilsan, Republic of Korea.

    UNCTAD, working in cooperation with the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the Ministry of Security and Public Administration of the Republic of Korea, organized a special session at the Forum, on Public procurement and IT sector development.

  • Public procurement: EU promotes web advertising of public contracts EU-wide

    The European Commission has moved to make it easier to advertise large public contracts on the Internet. It has adopted new standard forms for such notices mainly for use online. This is part of a wider EU strategy on computerising public procurement procedures in the EU. The forms will be available in all EU languages by the end of October at the SIMAP website at
  • Rundum-Versorgung vom Bleistift bis zum Feuerlöscher

    Mit dem Angebot der gesamten Produktpalette der indirekten Güter möchte Allago vor allem kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen auf die eigene Plattform locken.
  • UK: Glasgow City Council Goes live with eProcurement Scotl@nd

    Glasgow City Council, Scotland's largest Local Authority, today have gone live on the eProcurement Scotl@nd Programme (ePS).

    John Sherry, Procurement Programme Director, Glasgow City Council said, "Glasgow City Council is delighted to have worked in partnership with the Scottish Executive to achieve a successful and on schedule phase 1 implementation of the ePS programme. The council is confident that the ePS initiative will bring mutual advantages to the council, suppliers and the national programme. Early feedback from suppliers and end users has been extremely positive and the programme team looks forward to implementing the next phase."

  • UK: OGC launches procurement document

    The Office of Government Commerce has released a web based publication to support public sector procurement

    The publication, launched on 12 May 2006, illustrates how the government engages with the IT industry and the potential benefits of this engagement.

  • UK: Scottish Executive unveils plan for reform of public sector procurement

    A report on Scottish public sector procurement aimed at ensuring the best deal for the taxpayer has been published by the Scottish Executive.
  • UK: Web auctions could save Welsh councils ''millions''

    Is this a procurement revolution?

    Swansea Council claims an online auction collaboration with a neighbouring council could pave the way for other Welsh authorities to save millions of pounds in the procurement of key contracts.

    As part of its e-government programme, Swansea worked with Neath Port Talbot Council to procure by online auction a tinned and dried foods supplier for schools in a contract worth £1.3m per year. The auction will save the councils £650,000 over the next five years.

  • UK: Welsh public sector urged to improve its use of e-Procurement

    Welsh Assembly Government Finance and Public Services Minister, Sue Essex has urged public services across Wales to make better use of electronic procurement.

    Speaking at a Value Wales workshop with representatives from public sector organisations across Wales Sue Essex explained that developing smarter procurement practices across the public sector is a top priority for the Assembly Government.

  • US: Bringing Innovation to Procurement

    Almost no one likes the procurement process. Here are some ideas for changing it.

    When a mid-sized city in the northeastern United States became frustrated with its antiquated accounting processes a few years ago, officials there decided to seek a modern, technology-based solution. Hoping to capitalize on the latest accounting technology while minimizing the city’s investment in new servers and software, they opted to pursue a cloud solution.

    Mindful of stringent government procurement rules, the city put together an RFP. But rather than write an RFP from scratch outlining its interest in a cloud-based solution, the city borrowed much of the text from an RFP written years before. The vendors that reviewed the RFP were confused. Here the city was saying it wanted a cloud-based solution, yet its requirements as outlined in the RFP were inconsistent with such a solution. As a result, most of the interested vendors simply did not bid.

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