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Monday, 27.05.2024
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VU: Vanuatu

  • Vanuatu taps into ICT sector - Moves closer to a national ICT Policy

    Vanuatu will this month move closer to having in place a comprehensive national policy for its Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) sector, following an inaugural meeting of its National ICT Development Committee(NIDC) in January.

    In that meeting, the importance of the ICT sector to Vanuatu’s national development was emphasised and in his opening speech, then Vanuatu’s Prime Minister Sato Kilman had described the meeting as “dedicated to discussing how we should best utilise information and communication technologies in the development of our country”. “As you well know, our national vision is ‘an Educated, Healthy and Wealthy Vanuatu’. Effective use of ICT is critical in achieving this vision. It is the only way we can overcome the tyranny of distance and connect people living throughout the islands. Furthermore, ICT will assist us in delivering quality education to our children in the remotest parts of Vanuatu, improve health services, increase efficiency of current economic activities and open up new business opportunities, as well as making government services much more accessible to our people,” Kilman said.

  • VU: Satoshi Island Is a Sustainable Crypto Paradise Governed by Blockchain

    Satoshi Island Limited has just announced the beginning of its 800-acre sustainable smart city.

    This private island in Vanuatu is setting out to be the world’s first cryptocurrency economy — the official home for cryptocurrency professionals and enthusiasts. This city will run on a decentralized financial system where there’s a mix of resort-style villas for vacationing and smart homes and offices for those looking to make Satoshi Island home.

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