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New regulations to reduce number of steps to start a business, Khuzairi Yahaya, CIO, Companies Commission, Malaysia tells FutureGov.

Malaysia will make it easier for people to start businesses by launching a new portal for business owners and more online services, the Malaysian registrar of companies has told FutureGov.

Parliament is due to approve a new bill making it easier to start businesses and creating a new online services for businesses by early next year, Khuzairi Yahaya (pictured), CIO, Companies Commission, Malaysia said.

The bill will allow for single ownership of a company, which will make it a lot easier to start businesses as entrepreneurs will have to go through fewer steps, he said. “We predict a lot more people will register because of the easiness that we are giving them.”

This will mean more data for the Commission, so Yahaya plans to refresh his infrastructure and applications to handle the additional load. More services will be available online, such as updating information and holding meetings online, he said.

The agency will also launch a single web site to handle all services for businesses by 2016. Currently, Yahaya runs different portals for each kind of business entity looking to start up in Malaysia.

The main driver behind these changes is to make it easier to do business in Malaysia by “ensuring businesses can start as fast as possible, reducing red tape and making it cheap to start a business”, he said.

The CIO’s main challenge is to handle the changes in business processes needed to enable the one-stop portal.

In the new portal, users will be driven by the system from one step to another, without them having to know the steps themselves. “For example, if a customer wants to register a business, at the moment they must know what forms they have to fill up. We want to change that … [so that] the forms are transparent at the back,” Yahaya said.

The agency is also working on a framework or “enterprise architecture” to ensure that IT projects meet business requirements, he said. The agency will first need to document the business requirements, then map how the applications will support these requirements. The team will then figure out how the data will be stored, and finally, decide on the technology that will support all these requirements.

Companies Commission has also standardised its financial reporting so that businesses can now lodge their audited accounts online, Yahaya said.

Malaysia has moved up two ranks in World Bank’s latest Doing Business report.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Medha Basu

Quelle/Source: futureGov, 07.11.2014

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