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Sunday, 17.10.2021
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Development work is in full swing for the development of Jammu and Srinagar as smart cities.

The capital cities Jammu and Srinagar have been chosen under Smart City Projects and different works are going on under the project.

With the ongoing development work under Smart City Project, the Jammu Vertical Garden is nearly completed, which is being made on the pillars of the flyover has completely changed the outlook of the area.

Earlier this area under the flyover was neglected and was filled with garbage.

Speaking to ANI, Avny Lavasa, Municipal Commissioner of Jammu Municipal Corporation said that different plants have been assembled vertically on the pillars of the flyover.

"There is a shortage of space in cities so we came up with a plan to create this Vertical Garden. We have vertically used different kinds of plants on the pillars of the flyover. The main purpose of this is to make our city clean and green. This way we can also control air pollution. Also, the plain areas have also been covered with grass. The special drip irrigation system has been installed to water the plants and keep them green," said Lavasa.

She further said under the Smart City project, the administration is planning to make the city beautiful and green.

"This not only has changed the total outlook of the area but also is environment friendly and also keeps the area clean. Under smart city project also includes an infrastructure project in which we will upgrade roads, will widen the footpath and undergrounding of wires will be done. The prime markets and roads in Jammu have been taken for street development which will include street furniture like benches and street lights," said Municipal Commissioner.

Lavasa also told ANI about the other projects in which canals will be cleaned and will provide a green corridor to the people of Jammu.

"We name one of our projects "Blue-Green project", in which blue signifies clean water. The sewage in the Ranbir Canal and Trikuta canal will be treated and will provide a green corridor to the people of Jammu," she added.

The local residents are also appreciating the work done by the administration and say that under the Smart city project the Jammu city is totally transforming.

Sahil, a local resident appreciated the work and said, "This is a good initiative of the government. Because of the greenery, our city has transformed. This will also be new for the visitors and will create awareness among them. The vertical garden will also help in controlling air pollution. Earlier people use to throw garbage here but not this place is clean and green." Another local, Kawal Krishan urged the young generation to take the initiative forward to plant more and more trees.

"This is a good step taken by the administration. This hanging garden is looking very beautiful. This is very good for controlling vehicle pollution. I wish more such gardens should be there in the city. I urge the young generation to plant more and more trees. We should also gift plants to people to create awareness among people," said Krishan.

Sunny, a local resident said that the entire Jammu city should have such vertical gardens and hanging plants so that our city can be clean and green.

He further urged other people to participate positively and not to criticise.


Quelle/Source: The Free Press Journal, 25.08.2021

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