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Friday, 21.06.2024
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been shaping the law and order situation of Chandigarh traffic lately and also giving a boost to law enforcement agencies, which are not only able to detect vehicles involved in crimes but those that are stolen as well.

At least 600 high resolution CCTV cameras monitored through Police Command and Control Centre (PCCC), Sector 17, are empowered with multiple sensors which can detect traffic violations along with video recording of vehicles during the day as well as night.

The Automatic Number Reading Recognition (ANRR) software in the cameras enable them to read number plates of vehicles from the rear as well.

“These sensors were ‘taught’ about specific traffic violations more than three hundred times. The sensors were taught about the timing when traffic rush increases and then what to do. The feedback was fed into the sensors about particular issues and what to do when it happens. The sensors were installed in the CCTV cameras months before they start working in March this year,” a senior project officer with Smart City Limited, Chandigarh, requesting anonymity, said.

A police officer at PCCC, Sector 17, said, “So far, 600 CCTV cameras installed at 40 locations work 24x7. Many people have the wrong perception that cameras do not work at night. We are trying to improve the capability of these cameras to detect violations in the fog also”.

The cameras are capable of catching violations like speeding, signal jump, zebra crossing, wrong-side driving, riding without helmet, driving without seatbelt, etc.

"More than 2.50 lakh challans have been issued through CCTVs since the day of inauguration March 27. More than 20,000 violations were caught during night," the traffic police officer said.

Where the cameras are installed

The 40 traffic junctions include the light points of Housing Board, Kalagram, Railway, Transport, and Press, apart form Sector 17, PGI roundabout, and 66 KV light point on Madhya marg; all light points from Zirakpur barrier to Sector 38-25 light point on Dakshin Marg, from village Faida barrier to St Kabir light point on Purv Marg, from village Faida Barrier to ISBT 43 on Vikas Marg, on Jan Marg covering cricket stadium roundabout, and Sector 16-17 light point.

The four junctions that witnessed the most traffic violations are Housing Board light point (from Panchkula), airport light point (from Zirakpur); Hallo Majra light point (from Mohali) and 66 KV light point (from New Chandigarh).


Autor(en)/Author(s): Saurabh Parashar

Quelle/Source: msn, 06.11.2022

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