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Tuesday, 28.05.2024
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APCRDA allocates Rs 40 crore for developing Amaravati as a Smart city at par with top 100 cities in the country

Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority (APCRDA) under CITIIS (City Investments to Innovate Integrated and Sustain) allocated Rs 40 crore, as Amaravati was chosen to be developed as the Smart city among top 100 cities in the country.

With these funds, nearly 64 projects are planned under Amaravati Smart and Sustainable Corporation limited including 15 E-health and wellness centres, 22 anganwadi centres and government schools. A French development agency and Europeans are also providing financial assistance to this project. As a pilot project, one E-health and wellness centre is constructed with Rs 1.77 crore in Rayapudi village. These centres will contain facilities for basic checkups, diagnostic services, immunization including an outdoor gym.

Municipal and Urban Development department special chief Secretary Y Lakshmi, APCRDA commissioner Vivek Yadav visited the villages and inspected the progress of construction works on Friday. Speaking on the occasion, Lakshmi said, through this project, the rural people would get the latest education and treatment without rushing into the city. In the coming days, in order to prevent people from falling sick, yoga, pranyamam, nutrifood prevent medicine services will also be available.

Along with this, outdoor gym would be set up for elder people. Medicinal plants will be panted in the premises of the health centre. She lauded the donors, for donating an ambulance for the health centre. Vivek Yadav said that around 22 anganwadi centres are being constructed in the region, each centre is being set up with Rs 1.6 crore. Classrooms suitable for pre-education for children would be set up in the model anaganwadi centres and nutritious food will be provided to pregnant women and lactating mothers.

Necessary action should be taken to finish the construction works as early as possible and make them available to the public within the stipulated time. AP CRDA additional commissioner Katta and others were also present.


22 Anganwadi centres will be constructed in the region, each centre being set up with `1.6 crore. Classrooms suitable for pre-education for children would be set up in the model anganwadi centres and nutritious food will be provided to the pregnant woman and lactating mothers


Quelle/Source: The New Indian Express, 04.02.2023

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