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Monday, 26.02.2024
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The state-of-the-art integrated command and control centre (ICCC) under the Smart City scheme, which is currently under construction on the premises of the city corporation office, is expected to begin trial operations on November 15.

Upon the successful completion of these trials, the centre is anticipated to be fully operational by the end of December.Officials from Smart City Thiruvananthapuram Limited (SCTL), overseeing the project, have indicated that the construction work is in its final stages, with only a few pending tasks remaining.

Originally slated for completion by April 2023, the project encountered delays when the initial contractor withdrew. Consequently, the SCTL had to reissue tenders to resume the project. Presently, the ICCC is operating from a temporary facility at the district collectorate in the civil station at Kudappanakunnu.

However, city corporation officials have clarified that the centre will be fully operational by the end of December.

“Though the trial run for the ICCC will begin by mid-November, the facility will be fully operational by the end of December. This centre has all the facilities with a centralised system to control and command the activities.The current temporary centre functioning at Kudappanakunnu will be shifted to this centre,” said Binu Francis, Corporation Secretary.

The new facility, an extension of the current corporate office, will be a two-storey building designed to withstand seismic activity. The ICCC will include a video wall room, a war room, a help desk, work areas, and meeting rooms, spanning an area of 858.45 square metres. It will serve as an integrated system for real-time monitoring and the enhancement of service delivery efficiency.

Valued at Rs 94 crore, the ICCC will function as a common point of action during emergencies, facilitating coordinated responses. The control rooms at the ICCC will enable seamless coordination and decision-making among multiple agencies, including the police, civil supplies, revenue, health, and firefighting departments. The ground floor will house the Corporation Janaseva Kendra, while the first floor will be exclusively dedicated to the ICCC.

Furthermore, the centre will incorporate an adaptive traffic system at 113 junctions, an intelligent traffic management system at 35 locations, a public messaging system at 14 spots, 10 emergency call boxes, and smart CCTVs at eight locations. A mini control centre will be established at the Nandavanam SAP camp to specifically manage traffic control. This comprehensive system, managed in collaboration with the police and district administration, will utilize sensor cameras to regulate traffic and respond swiftly to emergencies disseminating timely weather notifications and coordinating various municipal services.

Moreover, the centre will facilitate the coordination of city parking centres and provide a mechanism for the public to file complaints through a 24-hour call centre and an accompanying app, ensuring swift redressal of grievances by the concerned authorities.


Quelle/Source: msn, 01.11.2023

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