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Thursday, 18.04.2024
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Passengers travelling in the public transport buses in the state could soon know where their reserved buses have reached while waiting at bus stations, the time required for the bus to arrive, and more, just like the facility offered by the Indian Railways. The Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) is all set to introduce the cutting-edge Passenger Information System (PIS) to provide real-time information to commuters, ensuring that they are well-informed at every stage of their journey.

“We’ve started the trial run at Kozhikode bus station. The facility will also be started at the Thiruvananthapuram bus station on an experimental basis by the end of this month. If successful, we’ll implement the system on all main bus stations across the state,” a top KSRTC official told Onmanorama. Though the project was first conceived several years ago, the corporation couldn’t implement the same for long due to several reasons. Now it has tied up with a Start-Up ‘Busz Transit Solutions’ to finally roll out the project.

“We’re installing four PIS displays for the public at the Kozhikode bus station, which will be functional from January 17 onwards. Currently, the data entry process is on and we hope to complete the same within a few weeks. Once the same has been done, the system could be extended across the state,” said Anwar Hussain, the Start-Up CEO.

The benefits

Gone are the days of uncertainty and speculation about bus arrival times. One of the primary highlights of the PIS is that commuters will have access to accurate information about bus schedules, delays, and other relevant details, allowing them to plan their journeys with precision. The displays will not only showcase bus schedules and routes but also offer additional information such as weather updates and local attractions.

The system will be connected to the GPS in buses. So, a passenger waiting at a station can find out where the bus has reached and when it will arrive there. At a later stage, the PIS will be seamlessly integrated with mobile applications. Commuters can effortlessly track their bus in real-time and receive alerts about any schedule changes and the like. “We’re also introducing a Trip Planner Mobile App as part of the initiative. The app will help a commuter travelling from a rural area or a small station to know about connecting bus services. For instance, they can catch an ordinary or LS service to the main station, and from there they could catch the long-haul super class buses,” Anwar Hussain explained.

The App will have real-time data on inter modes of transport as well. “For instance, we’re currently engaged in the process of feeding the data on Kochi Metro and Water Metro services. Suppose a person wants to travel from Kozhikode to Kakkanad in Kochi, he/she can travel to Aluva in a KSRTC bus, then board the Kochi Metro to Vytilla Hub and enjoy a ride in the Water Metro on the last leg. All this, he can do without much waiting with the help of the App,” he explained. The PIS system has already been successfully implemented outside the KSRTC. At least 17 bus stations, including 10 in Kozhikode and five in Malappuram, have installed the PIS display boards, thanks to the initiation of local bodies.

In talks with Smart City at TVM

Meanwhile, the Start-Up is in the later stages of talks with the Smart City authorities in the state capital to implement the system, covering the 200 electrical buses operated by the latter in the state capital. “We’ve also initiated talks with the Kochi Mayor,” Anwar Hussain said.


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Quelle/Source: on manorama, 14.01.2024

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