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Thursday, 18.04.2024
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Located strategically on Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) and Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC), Dholera Smart City offers numerous prospects

Dholera Smart City, situated in the Ahmedabad district, is a symbol of innovation and economic strength. This city, which is on a peninsula that opens into the Gulf of Khambhat, has scenic vistas that also make it a strategic location for economic growth and innovation.

Located strategically on Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) and Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC), Dholera Smart City offers numerous prospects. These possibilities pertain to defense, aviation, electronics, emerging high-tech technologies; pharmaceuticals biotechnology heavy engineering etc.

The Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) encompasses residential sectors; commercial quarters; financial, manufacturing and processing zones; recreation areas; among others. The total area coverage is 920 with urban development measured at 567.39 sq. km thus there are detailed plans for 22 villages within the SIR project.

A significant milestone in its history was achieved this year when Dholera received an investment of ₹100 crores from Hindustan Construction Company (HCC), Shabbir Bhatia and M/s Universal Success Group .This huge investment shows how much economic potential this city has and is well placed to ensure robust connectivity through National Highway-8, proximity to Ahmedabad-Dholera Industrial Area and the Dedicated Freight Corridor.

In terms of transport infrastructure, Dholera Smart City possesses valuable resources as it has good air connections as well as good road, rail and sea links. Ongoing construction of a 4-lane expressway and projected clearance for high-speed trains further improves the city's connectivity. The much-awaited Dholera International Airport is expected to be operational by December 2025.

Dholera has an economic focus that includes a self-governing economic zone supported by the government. This city, which will have a metro rail system, an international airport, high-end shopping areas and a single-window clearance for streamlined business processes in sectors such as education, healthcare, tourism and hospitality.

The ongoing construction of the central spine road in Dholera and the allocation of 1700 hectares for the adjacent airport area are indicative of the achievements and awards that this place enjoys. The Indian Green Building Council has ranked it a platinum-rated industrial smart city and greenfield city while it was also awarded a Green City Rating. Remarkably, this is known to be the largest land bank in India.

The city's international collaboration is evident through South Korea's active involvement in building a city within Dholera and the partnerships established during the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit. In Dholera, construction of the world's largest marine life museum is underway, along with development of several large hotels and amusement parks.

Dholera SIR has seen various projects come up within the realm of major investments and collaborations. These include a public offer by a Gujarat-based company for a chip manufacturing plant, Maruti Suzuki’s ambitious plan to manufacture 10 lakh cars in a year and Tata C295 Aircraft Complex, which collaborated with Airbus to buy 56 transport aircraft for the Air Force.

Additionally, Vedanta-Foxconn signed an MoU with Gujarat on establishment of semiconductor and display fab which augments technological might of the city. Reliance's huge investment of ₹5.95 lakh crore in green energy in Gujarat, as well as the successful launch of the 300 MW solar project at Dholera by Tata Power Solar, mark a significant progress towards sustainability. With 873,012 PV modules reducing carbon emissions by 704,340 metric tons per year, Dholera Smart City is poised for a greener and more sustainable future.

Dholera blueprint for infrastructure and urban development includes multipurpose corridors, bicycle lanes, service roads and walkable pathways among others. All these aspects are under surveillance through modern CCTV cameras and an Intelligent Management System that ensures seamless living experience for its dwellers.

In future Dholera Smart City starts will have job creation as their main focus area in their plans for economic development over the next five years along with increase in industrial output and improvement in exports. Positioned as an economic boost to the region, Dholera embodies a visionary vision for sustainable development, cementing its position as a hub of economic vitality and innovation in Gujarat.

Shivgan Infratech LLP plays a pivotal role in facilitating residential projects in dholera. Their focus on customer satisfaction aligns seamlessly with Dholera Smart City's commitment to providing investment opportunities to individuals nationwide.


Quelle/Source: Hindustan Times, 12.02.2024

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