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Thursday, 30.05.2024
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The ambitious smart city projects in the downtown area of Srinagar are well underway, with the completion of the majority of the slated ventures. As per latest reports, out of the 158 projects earmarked for the area, a substantial 93 have already been successfully completed, with work progressing rapidly on the remaining ventures.

These smart city initiatives, deemed vital for the urban development of Srinagar, are poised to meet the looming June deadline, as affirmed by officials closely associated with the project. With extensive efforts underway, the execution of the projects in the downtown area is proceeding at full throttle to ensure timely completion.

Commencing in 2018 with a staggering budget exceeding Rs 1000 crore, the five-year project has witnessed significant milestones achieved thus far. Noteworthy among the completed projects is the comprehensive redevelopment of Srinagar Square, which encompasses iconic landmarks such as Ganta Ghar, River Front, Polo View, and the establishment of a dedicated cycle track, aimed at promoting sustainable transportation.

Recent directives from the Government of India have further spurred the smart city officials to expedite the completion of the remaining ventures before the stipulated deadline in June this year. This directive underscores the importance accorded to the Srinagar smart city initiative and reflects the concerted efforts to enhance urban infrastructure and livability in the region.

The progress achieved in the downtown area marks a significant stride towards realizing the overarching vision of transforming Srinagar into a technologically advanced and sustainable urban center. As the projects near fruition, anticipation mounts for the tangible benefits they will bring to the residents and visitors alike, ushering in a new era of urban prosperity and modernity for the historic city of Srinagar.


Quelle/Source: Brighter Kashmir, 20.03.2024

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