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Thursday, 30.05.2024
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Nashik CP Sandeep Karnik has asked officials of the Nashik Municipal Smart City Development Corporation Ltd (NMSCDCL) on Tuesday to start the CCTV project within a month.

The CCTV project is to install CCTV cameras all throughout the city. It has been four years since citizens have heard about the project, however, the work has been incomplete so far.Senior officials of the NMSCDCL have cited several reasons for the delay.

Although more than 800 cameras have been installed at nearly 45 road junctions in the city, the work of laying the cables to provide live footage to the command control rooms is underway.

Karnik said, “The officials concerned have been told to start the project within a month’s time. This is the most crucial time for using the CCTVs, with elections around the corner.”

The CCTVs would aid the police not only to manage and streamline vehicular traffic on various roads, but also to check up on other activities at important junctions in city.

“The live feed would greatly help the police to check for any violations of election code of conduct or for any suspicious activity on the streets pertaining to elections or crime in general,” said other police officials.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Santosh Sonawane

Quelle/Source: The Times of India, 04.04.2024

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