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Thursday, 30.05.2024
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001
From telemedicine to self-check-in portals at hospitals, a range of smart applications that will make life more connected for patients in the UAE has been launched at Gitex.

The Ministry of Health (MoH) and Dubai Health Authority (DHA) on Monday launched e-applications that will put healthcare in the UAE on the world map for futuristic and smart usage in healthcare settings.

Plans are also on to promote the “Dubai Model for Smart Health Management” and launch it from Dubai to the world.

A ministry official said the soon to be launched innovative e-application that provides telemedicine to patients in remote areas will improve medical services across the region, reduce patient visits to hospitals, as well as costs.

The advanced system will be used for remote medical consultations, diagnostics and e-Care. “The new methods are part of the federal government’s strategy to make e-Services available to all citizens at any location,” said Ali Al Ajami, Director of Information Technology at the ministry.

“Patients can call-in through their smart phones, tablets or PCs and they will then be connected to an agent at a central medical call centre. The call will then be followed up by a medical consultant,” said Al Ajami.

“Tele-consultations can reduce the number of doctor visits and hospital stays and will also stimulate early diagnosis. All of which help to reduce costs and improve quality of care,” he said.

“Telemedicine also helps make life simpler and safer for chronically ill patients in their own homes.”

The DHA, on the other hand, has plans to make the hospital environment paperless in two years.

The authority on Monday launched the ‘Smart Healthcare Initiative’ with Samsung and in collaboration with Index Holding that will enable all residents to access e-health services anytime and anywhere.

Essa Al Maidoor, Director General of DHA said the authority is studying a number of big projects that will be announced soon.

However, soon to be rolled out is the Dh250 million Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system that will enable patients to access their medical records from anywhere in the world. “Even a doctor who is based abroad can access the medical files of a patient if a second opinion is being sought,” said Ahmad AlOmari, Acting Head of IT at the DHA.

“Further info can be added to the report but no addition or deletion can be done thereby reducing the percentage of medical errors,” he added.

Doctors can also send instructions to other sections at the hospital including laboratories and pharmacies as the system connects all of the hospital departments and sections.

“While doing all of this there is no need for paper work, records or pens or even waiting time. This saves 50 per cent of the time required for running the procedures and provides resources and accurate data,” he added.

Gitex Technology Week will run until October 24.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Asma Ali Zain

Quelle/Source: Khaleej Times, 22.10.2013

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