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Monday, 26.02.2024
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Those eligible for its Fair Entry subsidy programme can access low-cost access to internet, wireless and TV services through the Rogers Connected programme.

The City of Calgary is introducing a low-cost internet, wireless and TV service programme for those living with low income, contributing to the Canadian city’s social equity objectives.

Those eligible for the City’s existing Fair Entry subsidy programme will access the services through the Rogers Connected for Success programme without requiring a separate application process.

Public-private partnership

Rogers claims it is Canada’s leading wireless, cable and media company and provides connectivity and entertainment to Canadian consumers and businesses across the country.

The pilot programme is Fair Entry’s first public/private partnership subsidy programme. Fair Entry launched in 2015 as a single-application process that enables Calgarians living with low income to access many fee-reduced programmes from the City and its partners.

There are currently 97,000 Calgarians approved for Fair Entry. The City said it continues looking for opportunities to that support Calgarians living with low income.

“This pilot programme with Rogers will increase Calgarians’ access to affordable wireless and internet services, which will open more doors for employment, education, healthcare and more,” said mayor Jyoti Gondek. “Our hope is to partner with other telecommunications companies in the future to give Calgarians a wider choice of service providers that best meet their needs.”

The City of Calgary began approaching telecommunication companies in the fall of 2021 to discuss the opportunity to use Fair Entry as a means of accessing subsidised internet programmes.

Partnering with telecom companies aligns with Calgary’s Digital Equity Strategy which seeks to support Calgarians to obtain access to reliable and affordable high-speed internet, access the right device and develop the digital literacy skills they need to connect and fully participate online.

The Rogers Connected for Success programme is available to more than 2.5 million low-income Canadians receiving various government income supports, now including eligible Fair Entry participants. There are no funds exchanged as part of this partnership.

“We’re deeply committed to making our services, including 5G technology, more affordable and accessible for all Canadians,” said Phil Hartling, president, wireless, Rogers. “[This] announcement with the City of Calgary builds on a number of investments we have made to help connect all Canadians across the country.”


Quelle/Source: Smart Cities World, 15.11.2023

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