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Friday, 19.07.2024
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New Clark City was cited during a recent Japan forum for utilizing best practices centered on improving its future residents’ health and wellbeing, and in promoting smart city features.

SCI-Japan, a private sector-led, non-profit organization founded by think tank Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting, as well as media group Nikkei, in July 2023 congregated smart city champions across the globe, through a forum titled: “Challenge of Japan’s Smart City Initiative Improving Citizen’s Well-being,” to introduce some of best practices and discuss how to utilize well-being indicators for policy design toward sustainable smart city business.

“This forum’s key element is how smart cities should be people centric, which is at the core of the development concept of New Clark City, making it a model on how cities of the future across the world should be planned and developed,” said Mr. Hideki Okada, executive director of Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corporation for Transport & Urban Development (JOIN).

From accelerating smart utilities and sustainable infrastructure to conserving biodiversity, Mr. Okada highlighted in his presentation what makes New Clark City development a model for future cities.

“Since 2016, JOIN, together with our integral partners BCDA and Surbana Jurong, has been involved in the development of New Clark City into a sustainable metropolis for all. And with this forum, we hope to propel more collaborations with the BCDA in the development not just of New Clark City, but the whole of Clark.” Mr. Okada added.

In 2018, BCDA and JOIN tapped Surbana Jurong of Singapore for the development of the New Clark City. Surbana Jurong has been helping BCDA and JOIN with the detailed design standards and guidelines for New Clark City, which includes its detailed urban and infrastructure design and the Public-Private Partnership framework for provision of utility services such as water and power.

For BCDA President and Chief Executive Officer (PCEO) Engr. Joshua M. Bingcang, the state-run organization is putting the well-being and quality of life at the heart of the development of New Clark City. He added that BCDA is ensuring the rising metropolis will improve the quality of life of its citizens by utilizing digital technologies and partnering with global experts in creating smart city solutions.

“Our vision for the Philippines’ model for sustainable and inclusive cities, New Clark City in Tarlac, will not be possible without JOIN. Along with other global experts, JOIN helped us with the creation of the master plan for New Clark City,” BCDA PCEO Engr. Bingcang said in a video message.

Following global standards, New Clark City instituted a strict open green space to buildable ratio of 60:40, where 60% of the area is green, while the remaining 40% is buildable. BCDA also makes sure all of the utilities in New Clark City are prescribed to be green and sustainable.

In February 2023, BCDA and the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) of Japan inked a memorandum of understanding for a three-year demonstration project on smart mobility solutions to be implemented in New Clark City and Clark. This will be executed by a group nominated by NEDO, led by Zenmov Inc., a Japan-based information technology solutions provider specializing in the transportation sector, to measure and verify the effectiveness of a transport service system that operates via a cloud-based technology platform.

“All these partnerships have helped and continue to help BCDA learn from Japan’s experience and gain more insights on efficient and smart urban development. We look forward to more collaborations with our Japanese public and private partners – all for the benefit of our stakeholders,” he added.

Under the New Clark City master plan, 1.2 million people will live sustainably and inclusively in the metropolis, while the projected employment is over 600,000 workers.


Quelle/Source: Philippine Information Agency, 18.08.2023

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