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Friday, 24.05.2024
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Bucharest mayor Nicusor Dan signed the contract under which F.I.P. Consulting, a firm specializing in smart city solutions, will develop a master plan for the bike lanes network in Romania's capital city within 12 months. The price of the contract is around EUR 100,000 (RON 530,000).

According to the mayor, this document will form the basis of projects for the development of an extensive network of bicycle paths in Bucharest.

The plan will identify and prioritize optimal routes on both main and secondary streets, taking into account the needs of current or potential users, traffic, and areas of interest, but also the urban development of some areas of the city.

"In this way, the network of cycle paths will be connected with the lanes already existing or under construction and will connect residential areas with the main areas of interest, such as workplaces, education, commercial areas, and institutions, but also with localities adjacent to the capital", said Nicusor Dan.


Autor(en)/Author(s): iuliane

Quelle/Source: msn, 13.03.2023

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