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Thursday, 30.05.2024
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Romania, the biggest advance in the region in the transformation of cities into smart localities

The Romanian Smart City Association (ARSC) launches a new edition of the SCIA Gala, the only Smart City competition in the country and Eastern Europe, because Romania registers the greatest advance in the region in the transformation cities and villages in smart localities, being a landmark in the field.

The Smart City Industry Awards (SCIA – 8th edition) competition is open until March 25, 2024, and is dedicated to smart city and smart village projects, both developed and implemented by public institutions and those carried out by private companies. Within the competition, the most innovative smart city and smart village projects in the country are awarded, which contribute to the transformation of the localities in Romania to improve the quality of life of the citizens.

“Romania has become a real landmark and center of innovation in terms of smart cities, and this fact is confirmed by the continuous increase in the number of projects dedicated to the transformation of our localities into modern and connected urban or rural entities. From small initiatives to ambitious projects at the national level, our collective efforts demonstrate our commitment and ability to adopt and implement innovative technologies to improve the quality of life and transform the urban environment into a more sustainable and efficient one. These initiatives are not only examples of excellence in technology and sustainability but also fundamental pillars in building a more promising future for all our citizens. It is essential to highlight and publicly recognize these remarkable efforts because they serve as a source of inspiration and a model for other communities, thus helping to expand and strengthen the movement towards cities or smart communes in the entire country”, says Eduard Dumitrașcu, president of ARSC.

At the SCIA Gala, the Minister of Energy, Sebastian Burduja, the Mayor of Sector 6 and the President of the SCIA 8 Jury, Ciprian Ciucu, and other representatives of the public and private sectors will talk about Romania’s potential in the field of Smart City. More than 400 participants are expected at the event – leaders, decision-makers, and representatives of the largest technology companies.

The competition will be open to municipalities, cities, communes, and county councils across the country, providing the opportunity to share best practices and innovative solutions that transform cities into smart, sustainable and inclusive hubs. Proposed projects will be evaluated by a panel of Smart City experts, and winners will be recognized and awarded for their outstanding efforts at the Smart City Industry Awards (SCIA) on April 4, 2024.

All entities – startups, companies, public institutions, and NGOs – that contribute to the development of smart cities can register and present their projects that can shape the future of smart urbanism. Registration for SCIA is free and can be done in one of multiple categories, each reflecting different aspects of smart city innovation, including sustainability, digital technology, urban mobility, and more. Full details on the registration procedure and eligibility criteria are available on the official SCIA website, edition 8,

SCIA, 8th edition brings together thought leaders, experts, and industry professionals to celebrate the most outstanding projects and achievements in smart urban transformation. The SCIA Awards are recognized nationally and internationally as a standard of excellence in urban innovation.

The SCIA 8 Gala is a unique platform for recognizing excellence in the field of smart cities, promoting solutions, projects, and experts that bring significant improvements to the quality of urban life. The event provides an unparalleled networking opportunity, exchange of ideas, and best practices between key industry players. Participants have access to the most influential network of professionals and decision-makers in the field of smart cities.

About the Romanian Association for Smart City

The Romanian Smart City Association is dedicated to promoting innovation and advanced technological solutions for the sustainable development of smart cities in Romania and around the world. ARSC is a non-governmental organization established in 2016 that, together with more than 350 members and partners, encourages innovation, digitization, and new technologies as means to transform local communities into smart and sustainable cities, developing efficient and sustainable solutions for cities and communities in Romania.

The Smart City Industry Awards Gala, the 8th edition is organized under the Patronage of the Ministry of Energy and in partnership with EIT Urban Mobility, a body of the European Union.


Quelle/Source: The Diplomat, 21.03.2024

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