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Thursday, 30.05.2024
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001
Perhaps we can no longer think of e-government as only a tool for productivity and efficiency.

This was said by James Whittred, solution architect of Microsoft Asia Pacific, yesterday during an interview with the Bulletin at Sheraton Utama Hotel, following a seminar on e-government.

He said, "Citizens are beginning to embrace technology not as a trend but as a necessity that the government should provide. If the old are ready for ICT, they are obviously ready for e-government. However, deploying e-government is not just procuring the necessary hardware and programs; it is a process that is both long and unique to each country."

Many issues need to be streamlined within the e-government infrastructure, including transparency, privacy, and local laws, he said.

"A nation may have several e-government infrastructures at local and district levels, and each may be in a different place at the maturity curve."

Whitrred, who has undertaken e-government projects in various countries, said Microsoft is very interested in helping governments achieve their IT visions at all levels.

"There is not one e-government product that we sell. What we really offer is our experience, having done this across the region and the world."

On the country's e-government future, he said, "I can't really comment on Brunei specifically, but I think it is really great... the interest that has been shown. It really shows that Brunei has a proactive attitude in realising its e-government initiatives."

However, "in terms of the level of e-government experience in Asia, different countries are at different levels on the maturity scale. Even in more mature markets in the Asia Pacific region, there are government agencies that are still looking to find their ways through the e-services maze".

He added, "This is only my second trip to Brunei. I am getting feedbacks from some of the ministries... Priorities are different for the agencies, with some just thinking about the presence. However, some ministries are definitely keen on implementing the transactional system."

Autor(en)/Author(s): Azaraimy

Quelle/Source: Brunei Direct, 02.02.2007

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