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Thursday, 30.05.2024
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001
The biggest slice of the budget allocation for the Year 2004-2005 went to the Social Services sector, which got an increase of $4 million as compared to its fund for 2003.

Meanwhile, Transport & Communication received a $2 million boost to its fund.

However, according to the latest Brunei's Economic Bulletin report, the Public Utilities saw a decrease from its $178 million fund in 2003 to $166 million for 2004-2005. For the fiscal year 2004-2005, the government has allocated $900 million to implement a total of 480 projects under the 8th National Development Plan with a scheme value of $5,487 million.

Fifty-eight per cent of the funds will be used to implement 210 ongoing projects and the rest (42 per cent) will be channeled towards 270 new projects.

Most of the funds went to the Social Services sector - education, medical and health, government housing, religious affairs, public facilities and environment projects - with 23% ($207 million) of the total to implement 172 projects, including 116 new projects.

Fifty-eight projects ($168 million) of Transport and Communication sector - roads, civil aviation, marine and ports, telecommunications, radio and television and postal services - are being implemented, including 24 new projects.

Some $166 million has been allocated to implement 83 projects, including 44 new ones under Public Utilities Sector. This sector covers electricity, sanitation, water supply and drainage.

A total of $93 million went to the Security sector. This includes RBAF in Bolkiah, Penanjong and Muara, RBAF miscellaneous project and police force to implement 10 projects including six new ones.

The Industry and Commerce sector has been given $91 million to finance 67 projects. It consists of agriculture, forestry, fishery and industrial development, commercial and entrepreneurial development, and Pulau Muara Besar (PMB) project.

Meanwhile, $85 million has been allocated to the Public Building sector to carry out 49 projects, including 28 new ones. Info-Communication Technology sector followed this., which was introduced in 2002 with $64 million. This sector undertakes 15 e-Government projects.

Finally, the Miscellaneous sector comprising of feasibility studies and contingency has been allocated $25 million.

Quelle: Brunei Direct, 01.05.2004

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