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Lahore Smart City is a real estate project in the city of Lahore. It is one of the largest and most ambitious projects in the region. The project covers an area of 20,000 Kanal and is designed to be a modern, eco-friendly city. It is intended to be a hub of international business, finance, tourism, and culture. The project is designed to have a leisure path along the city's eco-backbone and rivers; it will also have parks, gardens, sports facilities, and be self-sufficient and energy efficient. It will have solar panel systems, wind turbines, and other renewable energy sources to generate power.

The city will also have water harvesting systems to provide clean water to residents. The housing society is connected to the rest of the city through a modern transportation system. The smart city will also have open playgrounds, picnic areas, and open-air markets. It will also feature several cultural and educational institutions. It will be a model of sustainable development and will provide a quality of life that is second to none.

Lahore Smart City NOC

Lahore Smart City is a project initiated by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) to build a new city on the outskirts of Lahore. The project covers an area of 20,000 Kanal, and the permitted land area is about 1,200 acres. The project is designed to provide a modern and smart lifestyle to the citizens of Lahore. The project is being developed to provide a safe, secure, and efficient environment for its residents. The Lahore Smart City NOC is an important part of the project.

It is a document that outlines the specific rules and regulations that need to be followed to ensure that the project is implemented in a way that benefits the citizens of Lahore. The NOC also outlines the rights and obligations of the various stakeholders involved in the project, including the LDA, the Lahore Bypass, and other relevant authorities. The NOC outlines the permitted land area to be developed within the project and the various restrictions to be applied to ensure that the project is safe, secure, and aesthetically pleasing.

Lahore Smart City Location

Lahore Smart City is located in the northern city of Pakistan, Lahore. It is situated near the N-5 National Highway, Lahore Bypass, Kala Shah Kaku Railway Station, and GT Road. The M2 Motorway, which connects Sialkot and Islamabad, is also easily accessible from the city. The city is also near downtown Lahore.

Smart City Lahore Accessibility

Lahore's smart city accessibility to various locations makes it an attractive investment opportunity for investors, as it is located at the Lahore bypass. It is 5 minutes away from GT road and the Lahore Sialkot interchange. In addition, it is 10 minutes’ drive away from Muslim Road, the m11 motorway, and Lahore-Sargodha Road. DHA Lahore is also accessible to Lahore smart city and is 20 minutes’ drive from it.

The Master Plan Of Lahore Smart City

The vision of the Lahore Smart City Master Plan is to create a unique life experience within an urban environment. The plan focuses on the city's beauty and amenities, providing its residents with a better life. It is designed to be an unrivaled civic service, providing stunning architecture and a contemporary way of life with international standard comforts and facilities. The plan outlines the basic planning, zoning, land use regulations, infrastructure, and public transport systems. It also provides guidance on developing and designing the physical infrastructure to provide a modern and efficient city.

The plan also sets out the guidelines for developing the city's social and cultural infrastructure. Additionally, the plan outlines the economic and environmental sustainability of the city. The plan also outlines future technologies, such as renewable energy and smart city technology, to make the city more efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. Additionally, it outlines the need for improved access to public services, such as health care, education, and transportation, to improve the quality of life for all residents. The Lahore Smart City Master Plan is a comprehensive and innovative vision for the city's future, focusing on providing residents with a modern way of life.

Block Category Of Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City is a world-class, state-of-the-art development project that will transform the city of Lahore into a vibrant and modern metropolis. The project is divided into six blocks, each with unique offerings. The General Square block is a commercial and retail activity hub with various shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Moreover, the Overseas Block is a residential area with luxury villas and apartments for international investors. The Executive Block is a business district with top-of-the-line facilities and services.

The Farmhouses & Apartments block provides a rural lifestyle with plenty of open spaces and greenery. The Residential Lots block provides an attractive mix of residential lots and condominiums for those looking to purchase a home or invest in property. Finally, the villas are designed to attract foreign investors and businesses with attractive tax incentives. Smart city Lahore is sure to be a game changer and a great investment opportunity for those looking to take advantage of the city's growth potential.


To conclude, Lahore Smart City is a great opportunity for the city's investors, developers, and citizens. It promises the people of Lahore improved facilities, modern characteristics, and a better quality of life. Capital Smart City Islamabad is a great example of a successful smart city project in Pakistan, and Lahore Smart City is expected to follow in its footsteps and flourish. The project also offers an opportunity to foreign investors, which will help develop the city. All in all, Lahore Smart City is an amazing initiative that has the potential to bring Lahore to the forefront of development and progress. To book your plots with Lahore smart city, you need assistance from the lead marketing staff, so contact them now and be a part of the housing society.


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