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Wednesday, 19.06.2024
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Real estate in Pakistan never stays the same. Sometimes it benefits the buyers and sometimes it is in the favor of the sellers. But no matter what the situation is, people always show interest in the real estate industry. Even if they are not part of it, they would like to know what is happening in the real estate market. Now, for many, it is a dry subject. However, real estate in Pakistan is doing better with each passing day. The developers are coming up with innovations that have not been seen by anyone before. If we talk about recent years, the known name of Pakistan Habib Rafiq Private Limited joined hands with Future Development Holdings and launched smart cities.

The first smart city is in Islamabad, and the other one is in Lahore. The names of the project are:

Now investors and those looking for their forever home are interested in these projects. However, Those who are interested would like to know whether it is worthwhile or not.

Well, you will get the answer to this question right here right now!

Are Both Projects Launched?

The first ever smart city of Pakistan was launched in the Capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, known as Capital Smart City. The launch date was 6th October 2019.

And after the success and great response from the first smart city, the management launched a second one in the Capital of Punjab, Lahore, known as Lahore Smart City. This housing project was launched by the management in 2021. However, pre-launch booking was started before that in August 2020.

So, yes both projects are launched and doing quite well. So, there is no need to worry or think whether they exist or not.

Details of the Project

Now moving on to the project's details, the smart city in Islamabad covers a huge land of around 160,000. Also, the project is approved by the CDA and has all the other documents required. Moreover, here you will get multiple investment opportunities and the project has all the modern plus smart amenities.

Next, coming on the Lahore Smart City is another masterpiece delivered by HRL and FDHL. This project is also a haven for investors as well as clients. Here villas and different sizes plots are up for grabs. Furthermore, the location is also supreme. You can even get an idea about this by seeing the Lahore Smart City map.

In short, both projects are the best in their own way and have so much to offer. You can visit the site to look and find out more.

Is There an Illegal Extension?

There are multiple projects all over Pakistan that are considered illegal or their extension is illegal. This is something that troubles many. They don’t want to invest their life savings in a project just to regret it later.

The good thing about the management of smart cities is that they never hide something from their clients and investors. And always deliver what they promise. So, you don’t have to worry about illegal extensions or any other scam.

You can even visit the website of both projects to see the documents they have received from the concerned authorities.

What’s the Demand in the Market?

The other thing on which investors focus the most is the market value. No one wants to be a part of a project that fails to promise High returns on investment.

As both projects are new, the question arises whether their demand will increase in the real estate market or not.

Well, already both projects are doing great in their respective regions. And management is very sure that in the future they will do even great.

How Are the Rates?

Real estate investment on the one hand is considered the most profitable investment in Pakistan but at the same time expensive. Middle-class people think it is an industry that only gives opportunities to the elite class.

Considering this gap, the management of smart cities tries to set a price bracket that is affordable for all. If you look at the payment plan, you will see not only is the total rate reasonable but it comes with an installment plan too.

Bottom Line!

Now that you have learned almost everything about both projects, it is clear that they are great projects in every manner. You don’t have to worry when investing in these projects.

Whether you want to be a part of the real estate world to generate profits or for some other reason, smart cities should be your number one choice.


Quelle/Source: The Express Wire, 20.08.2023

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