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Friday, 19.07.2024
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

The northern province of Hung Yen has been speeding up the process of digital transformation, digital government, and smart city building in association with administrative reform, aiming to improve the quality of its public services.

Defining digital transformation as an obvious trend and a motivation for local socioeconomic development, the provincial Party Committee has issued a resolution on the work in the 2021-2025 period with a vision to 2030 which sets a target of bringing Hung Yen to the group of top 20 localities in digital transformation by 2030.

According to Director of the provincial Department of Information and Communications Bui Xuan Sy, after two years of implementing the resolution, the province has seen remarkable progress in administrative procedure processing and working style of public servants thanks to the application of digital technologies.

So far, Hung Yen has completed and exceeded many targets in indicators of digital government, digital economy and digital society set in the resolution.

Sy said that to date, 100% of the local agencies and units have installed the local area network (LAN) with broadband Internet connection. Specialised data transmission networks in Party and State agencies in the province have been deployed at 100% of the agencies and units at all the three levels from the provincial, district and communal levels with 200 connection points.

The province has built its own e-commerce platform at Currently, the province has more than 10,000 businesses, cooperatives and business households participating in e-commerce trading floors with over 180,000 products and nearly 11 million transactions per year.

The project aims to develop the application of data on population, electronic identification and authentication serving national digital transformation in the 2022 - 2025 period with a vision to 2030 (Project 06). As of April, the province had completed the construction of an electronic data management warehouse.

The public service processing system of Hung Yen has made public 1,827 administrative procedures, while providing 1,052 online public services. More than 90% of the administrative dossiers and response have been digitalised.

According to the Ministry of Information and Communications, Hung Yen last year leaped two places in the digital transformation index (DTI) to the 33rd position out of the 63 cities and provinces nationwide.

Chairman of the Hung Yen People’s Committee Tran Quoc Van said that digital transformation in Hung Yen has demonstrated the determination of the whole political system in bettering the government to serve people and businesses.

Hun Yen has launched its Intelligent Operation Center (IOC) to collect and summary information of the whole province in all fields, supporting local leader in managing the operations of the locality, he said.

The official underlined that in 2025, the province aims to provide 100% of the public services online and turn Hung Yen city and My Hao town into smart urban areas.

In the year, the digital economy is expected to contribute 20% to the local gross regional domestic product (GRDP), he said, adding that Hung Yen hopes for 500 digital firms.

Van said that in order to fulfil the target, Hung Yen will continue to direct local departments and agencies to review and ensure the provision of 100% of the public services.

Departments, sectors, agencies and localities of Hung Yen have been requested to build their own plans to guide local residents and businesses in using online public services and contacting State agencies through the Internet, while strengthening training activities for local public servants in digital transformation.


Quelle/Source: Vietnam+, 30.08.2023

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