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Tuesday, 18.06.2024
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Digital technologies provide new and innovative ways for businesses to reach their sustainability goals. Qatar is moving towards digital technology and fostering innovative solutions to accelerate its digital transformation.

Speaking to The Peninsula, Fida Khalil, Senior Vice President, Digital Industries, Siemens Qatar, said ”For this year our focus is on oil and gas and what is being done at the innovation level. We are having a strong focus on digital transformation and working with partners like Microsoft, Ooredoo and MCIT to see how we can bring value to the industrial sector. This is our focus for the coming months.”

“Our ambition is to enable open innovation to make it easier than ever for technology to work together along the entire value chain – across all industrial sectors.”

Khalil further said, “We deliver technology focused on industry, infrastructure, and transport. One of the showcases we are doing with our partners Ooredoo and MCIT is for crowd management and transport management which was one of the use cases during the FIFA World Cup. As part of our portfolio, we also have industrial automation control and software.”

“We are trying to extend our partnerships and collaboration with partners for the industrial sector to focus on topics like sustainability and for network operators on how to can reduce water loses and optimise energy efficiency and try to add value with the new digital technologies like AI and machine learning. So, this is what we are going to focus on for the coming years as part of the road map we are planning for Qatar,” he added.

Speaking about the technology sector in Qatar, he noted, “We are trying to collaborate with the universities and to build up the knowledge and upskill the upcoming generations. Also, to focus on virtual reality, augmented reality and at the end of day to solve the specific challenges from our industrial customers in Qatar.”

He reiterated that last year we developed the crowd management project for Qatar which was very successful and has been used by different stakeholders during the operations. It focused on how the transportation for the buses, Metro and different stakeholders can be optimized and on reducing operational costs.

For Siemens we are in the Middle East, our headquarters are in UAE, Abu Dhabi. We are covering the complete GCC areas and focusing on topics like digital transformation, sustainability and expanding partnerships with companies in different countries. We are trying to tackle the challenges in industrial sectors.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Deepak John

Quelle/Source: The Peninsula, 08.05.2023

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