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Friday, 31.05.2024
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Starting September Armenia will start issuing passports with biometric data and identification cards, said head of the passport-visa control of the Armenian Police, on February 15.

Norayr Muradkhanyan said that all the citizens who are 16 and are receiving a passport for the first time will be issued those pasports. Citizens who already have a passport, can use them until expiration or change them if they so desire.

According to him, if a citizen can have their passport upon request, the identity card is mandatory for those under the age of 16.

ID cards will cost 1000 drams, and the biometric passport will cost about 15 thousand drams.

In addition to personal data and a photo, the new passports will also contain index fingers prints of both hands, and in the identity card - an electronic signature. The ID card is for internal use and the new passport is required for citizens leaving the country.


Quelle/Source: Information-Analytic Agency NEWS, 15.02.2011

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