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Monday, 27.05.2024
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Biometric-passport- and identification-card-issuance systems are installed in over ten Police passport divisions of Armenia, Polish PWPW Company’s Executive Director Kszisztof Zharnotal told Armenian

To note, biometric passports and identification cards are being issued in Armenia ever since July 1. A total of 61 passport divisions function in Armenia, and 13 of them are in the capital, Yerevan.

The aforementioned Company will provide Armenia booklets for biometric passports and leaflets for identification cards. Also, it will install equipment—at the Police passport divisions—to issue ready-to-documents.

“[And] During the [training] courses, the employees learned how to use the latest technologies,” Zharnotal stated.

A total of 50,000 biometric passports and 150,000 identification cards are envisioned to be issued in 2012, that is, in the first year of using this system. Each passport and identification card will cost 37.42 and 5.52 euros, respectively, for Armenia. And a total of 304,000 biometric passports and 1 million identification cards are planned to be issued by 2017.

The activities are expected to come to an end by 2017.


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