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Friday, 31.05.2024
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001
Minister with responsibility for the Civil Service, St James North MP Rawle Eastmond says a 24-hour economy is an absolute imperative for Barbados.

He made the comments in Parliament while leading off debate on a resolution taking note of government's draft e-governance strategy.

Mr. Eastmond says efficiency and effective service are to be the new watchwords for doing business in this country in the future as it moves to become the most developed small island state.

In this regard, he says the practice of government departments shutting down to business after 4:30 will have to end.

Mr. Eastmond says government will sensitise the public to its new approach to doing business, noting that it will not force these things down citizens' throats, but will engage them in the process.

Saying the technology is far-reaching and almost impossible to do without, Mr. Eastmond noted that it's part of government's long term programme for change in the way it operates.


The opposition says plans to introduce e-government in Barbados cannot be achieved without a substantial change of attitude by public servants.

Representative for Christ Church East Central, Ronald Jones, has told Parliament that introducing technology without a change in the culture of the Civil Service would be a waste of time.

He says the concept of civil servants not making quick decisions and passing matters from desk to desk would have to be eradicated.

Mr. Jones has also called for the introduction of a Freedom of Information Act.

He says there must be access to available information not only for those who need it for decision making, but also other groups of people such as journalists.


Government says the introduction of a draft e-government strategy is part of its plan to address the problems of the Civil Service.

Labour Minister, Rawle Eastmond says public sector reform cannot be a one off event and this e-government strategy is part of the plan to modernise the service.

He was winding up debate in the House of Assembly on a resolution to take note of the draft e-government strategy

Quelle/Source: Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation, 25.07.2006

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