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Monday, 27.05.2024
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Last week, Otjiwarongo Municipality unveiled a strategic plan to become a smart city, focusing on sustainable urban development and innovation.

Last week, Otjiwarongo Municipality launched an ambitious five-year strategic plan, setting a clear pathway towards transforming Otjiwarongo into a smart city of excellence. The event, graced by Minister of Urban and Rural Development Erastus Uutoni and attended by regional and local authority councillors, marks a significant commitment to sustainable urban development and improved municipal services for residents.

Strategic Vision for Otjiwarongo

During the launch, Minister Uutoni underscored the importance of the strategic plan as a guiding tool for the town's development. He highlighted the necessity of delivering serviced land, houses, and clean drinking water within the councillors' five-year term. Uutoni's call to action emphasized the allocation of funds and the engagement of competent individuals to drive the strategic plan's objectives forward, particularly urging the municipality to identify land for residential servicing, leveraging a N$700 million budget from his ministry for this purpose.

Commitment to Development and Innovation

Otjiwarongo Mayor Gottlieb Shivute responded with a promise to meet the ministry's request, aligning with the strategic plan's focus on spatial planning and infrastructural development. The plan outlines six objectives, including creating a sustainable working environment, enhancing public safety, socio-economic advancement, business innovation, financial sustainability, and improving workforce operational efficiency. Mayor Shivute's vision of a smart city of excellence is supported by the municipality's acting chief executive officer, Erickson Mwanyikange, who emphasized the need to improve financial capacities by collecting over N$57 million in owed rates and taxes.

The launch of Otjiwarongo's five-year strategic plan is a pivotal step towards achieving urban excellence and sustainability. With a clear focus on spatial planning, socio-economic development, and innovation, the municipality sets an example for other towns. The collaborative effort between local authorities and the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, coupled with a strong commitment to financial and operational efficiency, positions Otjiwarongo on a promising path to becoming a smart city.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Emmanuel Abara Benson

Quelle/Source: bnn, 06.03.2024

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