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Monday, 27.05.2024
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001
The Commission for the Real Economy of the Council of Ministers Thursday, in Luanda, analyzed the National Plan for the Information Society, a document that updates the action plan of the sector, approved in 2006.

At the end of the session, chaired by the Vice - President of the Republic, Manuel Vicente, the State secretary for Information Technology, Pedro Teta, told the press that, among other issues, was made the assessment of the National Plan for the Information Society.

He said that one of the pillars of the National Plan of Information Society has to do with e-governance, a project adhere to by several ministries.

The project aims at the relation between government institutions, between government and citizens and government and businesses. It is based on the private network of the State.

The official stressed that the private network of the state is part of the e-government project called E - Gov , which is being implemented by the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology, throughout the country.

Regarding the private network of the state, he said it will be supported by a unique optical fiber that will connect the ministries and provincial governments.

As an example, the project pointed to the Financial Management System (FMIS ) that will be done via Intranet and not through the Internet, an option that will increase the quality, speed and data security.

The Commission for the Real Economy of the Council of Ministers is a technical body of support to the Head of Executive Power in the formulation, implementation and conduct of the promotion policy of the productive sector and enterprises with innovation and competitiveness in attracting domestic and foreign investment.

The body is responsible for managing the production and promotion of companies, in line with the objectives and priorities of the productive sector, in the program of Governance of the President of the Republic.

The coordination of the Commission for the Real Economy is led by the Vice - President, assisted by the Minister of Economy.

It is also assisted by the Ministers of Planning and Territorial Development, Finance , Oil, Energy and Water, Agriculture, Fisheries, Commerce, Geology and Mining , Industry, Transport and Construction, as well as the ministers of Urbanism and Housing, Telecommunication and Information Technology, Secretary to the President for Economic Affairs and the advisor for Economic and Business Affairs of Vice President.


Quelle/Source: AllAfrica, 22.05.2014

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