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Monday, 27.05.2024
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Benin’s Foreign Affairs and Cooperation ministry has announced new reforms on the issuance of passports, which are aimed at improving the services offered to citizens outside the country.Among the reforms announced on the government’s Facebook page is the issuance of passports in embassies and consulates, which until then instructed Beninese to return home to renew their travel documents.

The reforms also focus on reducing the time and cost of acquiring or renewing biometric passports for Beninese living abroad.

According to the current procedure, the deadline for the issuing of passports is fifteen days after the date a full application is filed in diplomatic and consular offices equipped with the wherewithal to collect biometric data.

It specifies that the costs of acquiring or renewing passports are now set at CFA65,000 (€100) in Europe, America and Asia and CFA50,000 in Africa.

“These fees include the cost of producing the passport set at CFA30,000 for all Beninese, plus a package for shipping,” the government statement adds.

To date, only eleven Beninese diplomatic and consular representations, including those in Berlin, Moscow, Paris, Rome, Brasilia, Washington, Ottawa, Beijing, Kinshasa, Pretoria and Libreville, have biometric data collection facilities.


Quelle/Source: Journal du Cameroun, 04.04.2018

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