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Thursday, 30.05.2024
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France's Thales has expanded its partnership with Neural Labs to support the development of AI powered smart city infrastructure.

Thales is a provider of smart technologies, electronic systems, software, space, ground transportation, services, and equipment to the aerospace, defense, and security markets.

Headquartered in Spain, Neural Labs provides video analysis for smart cities to create safe transport solutions.

The partnership will allow Neural Labs access to Thales’ Sentinel platform to quickly license its software, speeding up the process of deploying Neural Labs software. Neural Labs also stated that this would cut software licensing costs, giving them an advantage over competitors.

Thales and Neural Labs originally entered into a partnership 20 years ago when Neural Labs chose Thales’ Sentinel for software protection.

Since then, in the last three years Neural Labs estimates that using Sentinel has increased its revenue by 25% through reducing unauthorised software use.

Neural Labs stated that this expansion on its 20 year partnership with Thales helps achieve its growth ambitions in an increasingly connected world.

Neural Labs CEO Elias Varcarcel stated that Thales had helped future proof Neural Labs’ business, and this expansion would continue that.

“Now, we’re working with the team even more closely to prepare our software so that 100% will be offered on the cloud,” Varcarcel said.

“The expansion of this partnership will help us to scale with the flexible and practical solutions, and our longstanding relationship means we can move forward with full trust,” he added.

GlobalData's 2024 thematic intelligence report into cloud computing, forecasts that by 2027 the total cloud computing market will be worth $1.4trn having achieved a CAGR of 17% from 2022.


Quelle/Source: Global Data, 15.03.2024

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