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Saturday, 3.06.2023
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Cities, colleges, and private businesses will benefit from the eXactpark solution, from eleven-x, which will give real-time parking data to optimize revenues and offer new capabilities.

Smart Parking is one of the most widely used and rapidly expanding Smart City solutions worldwide. Airports, universities, shopping malls, and public garages are just a few examples of businesses that have begun to see the value of automated parking technology. eleven-x, a leading provider of wireless IoT solutions, introduces eXactpark, its newest sensor-based smart parking solution. This game-changing creative solution will assist municipalities, campuses, and private businesses in increasing revenue, lowering costs, and providing a positive driving experience. The patent-pending, real-time stall occupancy sensor from eleven-x’s is a critical enabler for better understanding how parking assets are used and providing new capabilities to improve operations.

eXactpark delivers the lowest cost-per-space solution on the market, thanks to its industry-leading precision and unrivaled reliability. Once implemented, this system will provide drivers with real-time information on spot availability and location, allowing for seamless parking experiences. It will be necessary to use the data it generates to create meaningful analytics for asset management and program planning. The smart parking solution from eleven-x is also an important instrument for managing parking compliance and enforcement. When vehicles violate parking conditions, sensors alert compliance inspectors, allowing for improved efficiency, whether it's a warning or a parking citation.

"Parking has become such an important consideration when it comes to climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, land use planning, economic development and creating livable communities," states Dan Mathers, President and CEO of eleven-x. "With the historical and real-time data generated from eXactpark, cities, campuses and organizations will be better positioned to address these issues while offering better parking guidance and navigation for the customer."


Quelle/Source: CIO Review, 06.01.2022

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