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Thursday, 30.05.2024
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In response to the increasing demand for densification of 4G networks and to support the continued rollout of 5G, Connected Urban has been designed to enhance connectivity on our streets, delivering both macro and small cells within a single compact footprint.

Designed to accommodate multi-faceted services, including antennas, CCTV, public address systems, and even smart lighting, Connected Urban, is a range of sleek, modular, and scalable smart poles which go beyond just meeting the connectivity needs of modern cities.

Key features of Connected Urban:

  • Street level telecommunications infrastructure: Connected Urban provides street-level communications infrastructure in one small footprint, providing reliable connectivity to a wide range of applications, including stadiums, rail, remote areas, such as parks and cities. Offering an alternative to traditional rooftop or tower locations.

  • Increased capacity and densification: With the capacity for macro and small cells within a single pole, Connected Urban enhances network capacity and densification for improved connectivity.

  • Modular and scalable design: The smart poles are designed to accommodate a full smart city solution, from lights to antennas to CCTV and public address systems, all in one compact footprint. This flexibility ensures a seamless integration into diverse urban environments.

  • Revenue opportunities: Connected Urban provides local authorities and private asset owners with a platform to deploy their smart city infrastructure and, crucially, an opportunity to initiate dialogues about revenue possibilities. Achieved through rental arrangements with mobile network operators in sought-after street-level locations.

  • Aesthetically designed: The poles are aesthetically designed to be sympathetic to the local environment, ensuring a visually appealing integration into city landscapes.

  • Thermally resilient: Offering great airflow supply and solar protection, Connected Urban is thermally resilient to ambient temperatures, ensuring optimal performance in challenging conditions.

Connected Urban is poised to address the challenges faced by modern cities and densely populated areas struggling with soaring population densities. As a direct replacement for existing street lighting infrastructure, or as a new installation, Connected Urban is a future-proof commercial solution that bridges the connectivity gap.

“Connected Urban is not just a smart pole; it’s a transformative solution for smart cities. We envision a future where connectivity is seamless, reliable, and caters to the diverse needs of urban environments,” said Keith Henry, Product Manager – Connected Urban and GM – CU Phosco Australia “For cities, councils, and private asset owners looking to enhance connectivity, increase capacity, and contribute to the evolution of smart cities, Connected Urban is the solution of choice”.

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Autor(en)/Author(s): Harry Baldock

Quelle/Source: total telecom, 05.03.2024

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