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Thursday, 30.05.2024
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

BH: Bahrain

  • Zain Bahrain gets 5G by street light

    Kingdom’s first 5G streetlight deployment is in Bahrain Bay

    Zain Bahrain and systems integrator LSS Technologies are collaborating on a 5G by streetlight (5GBS) system to connect Bahrain Bay, a first for the Kingdom, reports Trade Arabia. Zain said it will add comms to the infrastructure without affecting the delivery of electricity. In a statement it promised to install Zain 5G broadcasting units by blending seamlessly with the city’s electrical infrastructure. “We worked together to design these new compact enclosures, 5G sites in the smallest form factor,” said LSS Technologies general manager Sandeep Ahluwalia.

  • Zain Bahrain signs convenient payment service with CrediMax unique channel

    Zain Bahrain is taking convenience to the next level for its customers and has become the first private company in the Kingdom to sign up with CrediMax the leading credit card provider in the Kingdom to provide bill payment services to its customers.

    Soon Zainers can pay their bills and top-up their eeZee lines through the "CrediMax & eGovernment Kiosk'' with just a click, along with paying utility bills and other e-government services.

    "We are aware of how technology-savvy the people in the Kingdom of Bahrain are today and are relying more on the internet or on other such facilities to get their work done," said Zain Bahrain's Commercial Support Director, Dr. Bassim Al Bahrana.

  • Zain Bahrain, eGA launch e-services

    The eGovernment Authority (eGA) has partnered with Zain Bahrain to launch a bundle of eServices for Zain subscribers, strengthening partnership between the public and private sector.

    The Authority announced the first-of-its-kind cooperation with Zain through the eServices packages on the eGovernment portal (

    Zain subscribers can benefit from a wide range of services such as viewing and/or paying their bills, or recharging their balance, a statement from an official said.

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