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Thursday, 18.04.2024
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

BJ: Benin

  • Benin boosts digital transformation with $40.5m budget for 2024

    Benin’s government aims to accelerate the country's digital transformation, positioning it as a key driver of socio-economic development. A budget of CFA31 billion FCFA was allocated to the Ministry of Digitalization for FY2023.

    Benin’s government is pursuing its digital transformation ambition. For FY2024, the government is planning to allocate up to CFA24.3 billion ($40.5 million) to the Ministry of Digitalization (MND). Minister Aurelie Adam Soulé Zoumarou (pictured) presented the budget to the National Assembly's Budget Committee on Monday, November 20.

  • Estonia to export its digital solutions to Benin

    The Republic of Benin in West Africa is to develop a data exchange platform based on the Estonian model.

    The Estonian e-Governance Academy and Benin’s National Information Systems and Services Agency have signed an agreement to design and implement the governmental interoperability framework for enhancing secure data exchange between government authorities and developing digital services for Beninese citizens. The development includes the Estonian secure data exchange platform based on the Estonian X-Road model and several interoperability solutions.

  • Benin takes business registration online at critical time

    Benin means business. The West African nation's arsenal of smart eGovernment tools is helping it remain open for business during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Benin this month took its business registration processes 100% digital, setting up an efficient, new online single window that houses all regulatory processes needed to open a business in record time.

  • Beninese passport now processed and issued abroad

    Benin’s Foreign Affairs and Cooperation ministry has announced new reforms on the issuance of passports, which are aimed at improving the services offered to citizens outside the country.Among the reforms announced on the government’s Facebook page is the issuance of passports in embassies and consulates, which until then instructed Beninese to return home to renew their travel documents.

    The reforms also focus on reducing the time and cost of acquiring or renewing biometric passports for Beninese living abroad.

  • Estonia’s e-Governance Academy helps deliver digital services in Benin and Ukraine

    The Estonia-based consultancy organisation, the e-Governance Academy, has helped deliver e-services in Benin and Ukraine; the academy says the current coronavirus pandemic shows that digital services can save people’s health and possibly their lives.

    “To date, the main arguments to develop public e-services were the hassle-free and more efficient governance to save time and money,” the academy said in a statement. “The current coronavirus pandemic added one more argument: e-governance and e-services can save people’s health and possibly their lives.”

  • Mobile biometrics support Benin vaccine programme

    A recent investment of $695,431 from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will provide new technology and ongoing support for the expansion—both geographic and functional—of mobile vaccine registry systems in health facilities in Benin, West Africa.

    This investment will enable new health centers to receive the resources and training necessary to effectively integrate the VaxTrac system into their vaccination program with the goal of improving record-keeping practices, reducing vaccine waste, and improving schedule adherence, especially for children under the age of five.

  • World Bank Provides US$15 Million to Help Improve ICT Services and Promote e-Business in Benin

    The World Bank Board of Executive Directors today approved a US$15 million (approximately CFAF 7.5 billion) grant to help Benin improve its Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector. This is a technical assistance grant that will cover the period between July 2010 and June 2015.

    The new project, called "e-Benin,' proposes an integrated approach to development of the ICT sector, and takes into account its main dimensions the promotion of access to ICTs, enabling applications and e-business, and support to the IT industry.

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