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Thursday, 30.05.2024
eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

BN: Brunei

  • Brunei: E-Govt: Serving The Public Better?

    The services offered up through the e-Government initiative became the talk of town recently following His Majesty's recent titah on Civil Service Day where he questioned its effectiveness in facilitating the public's dealings with the government.

    The issues being discussed mostly revolved around government websites and its lack of functions despite its many colourful interactive tabs, said Sarinah Hj Abd Hamid, a secondary school teacher from Kuala Belait.

    Based on her experience of visiting government websites, most are still just pages of information for the department or ministry while those that do have a proper website posted on the Internet have features that are still under construction.

  • Brunei: E-Islam Information Kiosk At The Mall

    The Ministry of Religious Affairs yesterday continued its promotion of the e-Islam Information Kiosk with a roadshow held at The Mall in Gadong.

    The roadshow was held on the first floor of The Mall, while the kiosk is located on the ground floor, near Rizqun Restaurant.

    The Mall is the first private premise to have an a-Islam Information Kiosk.

  • Brunei: E-Islam Kiosk Promotion At UBD

    The Ministry of Religious Affairs continued its roadshow to promote the e-Islam Information Kiosks at an event held yesterday at the Ground Floor of Universiti Brunei Darussalam's Library in Tungku Link.

    The university's library is the second government premises chosen for the kiosks after the Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Hajah Saleha (RIPAS) Hospital in the capital. Among the government premises chosen for the promotion are the Brunei International Airport and the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Jalan Menteri Besar.

  • Brunei: E-Islam Kiosks Placed At Strategic Sites

    As part of the e-Government drive, the Ministry of Religious Affairs is placing e-Islam Information Kiosks at 18 strategic locations around the country.

    The Ministry of Religious Affairs is organising a roadshow at those locations to create awareness of the e-Islam Information Kiosks.

  • Brunei: E-Islam Road Show In Belait & Tutong

    The Ministry of Religious Affairs continues its road show on E-Islam Information Kiosk in two districts - Belait and Tutong.

    The Muhammad Jamalul Alam Mosque in KB has been chosen as the venue for the road show and the kiosk for the purpose of dissenminating religious information to members of the public throughout the Sultanate.

  • Brunei: E-Learning System Package For Civil Servants

    The Civil Service Institute signed a memorandum of understanding with Data-Click Solutions Sdn Bhd for an e-learning system package in education and training to upgrade service providers.

    The project is expected to encourage the use of ICT and enhance ICT literacy among civil servants.

  • Brunei: e-Map for access to geographical data

    The government is embarking on a $9.5 million e-government project for the delivery of the country's National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI).

    The e-Map project will provide users the means to share geographical data and promote the development of business applications that utilise spatial data, which will produce significant savings for data collection and use and enhance decision-making.

  • Brunei: E-Passport Undergoing Pre-Launch Trials

    Brunei Darussalam's biometric passport project (e-passport) is currently undergoing a trial period starting yesterday where the crew of the Royal Brunei Airlines (RBA) will be using the new travel' documents for the next two months before its official launch.

    The e-passport is one of the Immigration and National Registry Department's projects under the e-government project and is aimed at replacing the "Machine Readable Passport" (MRP) currently in use.

  • Brunei: EGLF puts focus on flagship projects

    The first e-Government Leadership Forum (EGLF) for 2010 has introduced the prioritisation of projects where several flagship projects will be identified with emphasis on improving project management structure through the setting up of steering committees to oversee the projects.

    The flagship projects will be selected based on its characteristics, namely multiple-agency, connectivity, interactivity and transactional as well as providing the highest impact to the government and public. Three of the flagship projects identified are the Business Licencing System, ePayment and Government Employee Management System (Gems).

  • Brunei: Electronic Survey Of Kampong Ayer In Progress

    The information system of Kampong Ayer is one of the 14 electronic projects planned by the Survey Department as part of its preparations to enter the era of e-Government.

    The project is designed according to the methodology Geographical Information System (GIS) that integrates all related information.

  • Brunei: Expert Reveals Major Barriers To E-Govt Roll-out

    As Brunei prepares to launch its online e-government survey tomorrow, an expert working with the government in rolling out e-initiatives has identified the major challenges Brunei faces in achieving its goal of breaking into the top 10 e-government countries in the world within five years.

    In light of the forthcoming survey, at, of what the people of Brunei think the government should offer in the way of "e-services", top priority has been given "citizen's engagement" as it is recognised as a critical success factor for e-government initiatives, said the expert, who asked to remain anonymous.

  • Brunei: Facebook Works Well For E-Government

    The Brunei Government needs to embrace social networking tools such as Facebook, so as to bridge the gap between the public and government ministries.

    This was a recommendation made by an expert from the United Nations, Richard Kerby, Senior Inter-Regional Advisor from the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, speaking to the media.

    Kerby, who is in Brunei to conduct a two-day workshop `Measurement and Evaluation Tool for e-Government Readiness (METER)' spoke to the media on the importance of social networking tools such as Facebook, blogs and Twitter as a way of improving the Brunei Government's e-services.

  • Brunei: Faster e-Sikap To Speed Up Process Of Housing Applications

    Within six months the Housing Development Department (HDD) will have more sophisticated net-work infrastructure to facilitate e-government services such as e-Sikap, an initiative by the HDD to speed up the process of housing applications.

    The contract was signed yesterday between HDD and Perniagaan Dinamik Giat to update the department's network infrastructure, a project which will link HDD headquarters with its respective branches via broadband.

    The project will also improve existing network infrastructure such as email and the Government Employee Management System, while streamlining others like e-Sikap.

  • Brunei: First E-Govt Session Focusses On ICT Elements, Strategies

    The supporting elements of information communication technology (ICT), advantages of ICT development strategies and a country's existing e-governance model were the hot topics raised during the opening session of the International Conference on e-Government and Administrative Simplification.

    Three invited speakers offered their take on the overall topic of Effective and Efficient Strategies for e-Government Building, yesterday morning. The purpose of the session was to explore how respective countries have set their strategies in an effective and efficient way in regards to the development of e-governance. The session was seen as a discussion of topics under the "administrative simplification" component of the conference.

  • Brunei: First JPM Officers Complete ICT Conversion Programme

    The UN Global E-Government Development Report 2010 recorded Brunei Darussalam as being ranked 68th out of 184 in a study involving 210 countries, which is a rise of 19 places up from the previous ranking of 87th last 2008. This marks a significant achievement in the development and implementation of e-Govemment in the sultanate.

    This was stated by the Director of the National E-Government Centre (EGNC), Awg Hj Azhar Hj Ahmad in his welcoming note at the certificate presentation ceremony for the first batch of the Prime Minister's Office (JPM) ICT Conversion Programme who obtained Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis, yesterday, at the Civil Service Institute in Rimba.

  • Brunei: Fisheries services to go online soon

    Foreign and local investors can now have access to online information on fisheries licences, import and export and procedures involved in establishing aquaculture industries through the new online e-Fisheries service launched yesterday at the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources.

    Through this "single window" provided by the Fisheries Department, fisheries entrepreneurs, both local and foreign investors and the public can access services easily, facilitate their investments and the running of their businesses that can benefit the country, said MIPR's Permanent Secretary, Dato Paduka Hj Mohd Hamid Hj Mohd Jaafar.

  • Brunei: Fleet Card Replaces Manual Indent Payment

    Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) and Brunei Shell Marketing Co. Sdn Bhd (BSM) launched 'Kad Inden' or Fleet Card yesterday to replace the manual indent payment system used by the government to buy fuel from petrol stations.

    The card was launched by Pehin Dato Hj Abdul Rahman ,bin Hj Ibrahim, Finance Minister II at the Ministry of Finance.

  • Brunei: Focus on e-efficiency to improve governance

    In support of e-governance initiatives, officials from various ministries yesterday attended a seminar presented by TechnoNet Sdn Bhd, entitled "Triple 'R' of Electronic Forms: Re-Imagining, Re-Inventing, Re-Engineering".

    Present as the guest of honour was Pehin Orang Kaya Hamzah Pahlawan Dato Seri Setia Hj Abdullah Begawan Mudim Dato Paduka Bakar.

  • Brunei: Focus On Improving E-Govt Efficiency

    E-Government is more about improving the efficiencies, rather than the computerisation of government, the chief executive officer of India's National Institute for Smart Government (NSIG) said yesterday during an e-government conference.

    Sanjiv Mind, who delivered the keynote speech during the opening of the International Conference on e-Government and Administrative Simplification, said governments had tendencies to focus more on introducing [CT infrastructure in all aspects of government.

    However, this diverted attention away from one of the main purposes of implementing e-government, which was to make the government and its services more accessible to the stakeholders and increase its efficiency, he pointed out.

  • Brunei: Foreign Workers Beware: A Heavy Duty Machine Is watching You

    A heavy duty, high-tech, water resistant mobile portable device is now ready to nab offending foreign workers in quick time.

    The Enforcement Section of the Immigration and National Registration Department has gone hi-tech with the launching of its Mobile Personal Computer (PC) yesterday that can trace dubious travel documents or KPP holders during raids or inspections.

    This was one of the three products launched yesterday in the department's efforts to enhance the quality of its services to the public and to empower its law enforcement via info-communication technology.

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