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eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

The Governance Group (g-group.cc), or G-Group, is a company focusing on the potential of information and communication technologies (ICT) to modernize government. It provides governments worldwide with research and transfer services, eServices and consulting services strongly related to the utilization of ICT in the public sector.

Governments worldwide are increasingly facing challenges such as the globalization of markets, demographic change and scarce resources. Modern society is becoming more and more dependent upon knowledge. The change to a knowledge-based society is also introducing new opportunities for work and learning but also increases public expectations and challenges existing structures and processes.

ICT enables many of these changes but also offer specific solutions for adjusting to and even benefiting from them - not just in business but also in government and society at large.

The expertise of the G-Group is heavily focused on public management and the exploitation of ICT’s potential for public sector modernisation and the redesign of public service processes – more commonly known as eGovernment – to react to and benefit from these changes. In our work, which focuses strongly on government organisation, we emphasize the application of new knowledge, methods and tools to modernise public sector organisations. The G-Group’s expertise is based upon our years of experience in practical as well as research projects. Our knowledge goes beyond daily working experiences, drawing upon cutting edge academic research in the fields of public management and electronic government.

We support all levels of government in developing and implementing their modernisation strategies. The G-Group is divided into four subunits: G-Consulting, G-Solutions, G-Academy and G-Research, each of which provides different services, as appropriate to the client’s needs. G-Consulting offers strategic consulting services for public sector modernisation in various branches of government. G-Solutions provides on-hand implementation support so as to orchestrate various eServices. The G-Academy offers training courses for the development and implementation of eGovernment strategies and G-Research conducts scientific research on current eGovernment and government issues and themes.

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