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Amerikas / Americas

  • Bridging The Digital Divide In The Americas

    Canada's Quebec City commitment worth renewing

    When discussing the many inequalities of our hemisphere, one recurrent issue is the so-called digital divide. This divide exists not only along the traditional lines of north/south disparities (developed versus developing countries) but also within countries when comparing urban and rural areas and particularly the social structure of wealthy minorities and poverty-stricken majorities.

  • ITU to support broadband development in the Americas

    International Telecommunication Union's (ITU) Regional Development Forum for the Americas region has initiated to facilitate broadband development in Americas. The forum will hold a discussion in Mexico city on the latest developments in broadband with CEOs in this week.

    Government ministers and senior officials representing countries from across the Americas would address the implications of the latest developments in broadband infrastructure, policies and strategies in the Americas.

  • OAS: E-government prizes to be awarded

    In a bid to promote greater public sector transparency and citizen participation, the Organization of American States (OAS), partnering with the Institute for Connectivity in the Americas (ICA), today launched the “excelGOV” electronic government prizes.

    Public sector organizations in 32 Latin American and Caribbean countries are eligible for these awards, designed to recognize efforts to use information and communication technologies (ICTs) to implement strategies to improve transparency and participation. Institutions connected to the executive, legislative or judicial branches or other central government agencies are eligible.

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