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eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

BG: Bulgarien / Bulgaria

  • BG: Major eGovernment project makes significant progress

    On 16 February 2013, the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Ivaylo Moskovski stated that in less than a year a project has created the basis of several eGovernment services.

    During a press conference held in Borovets (a mountain resort close to the country’s capital), the Minister presented the activities of the project entitled 'Improving administrative customer service by building central eGovernment systems’. The project is worth about BGN 12 million (approx. €6 million) and it is funded by the European Union’s Operational Programme for the ‘Administrative Capacity’ (OPAC).

  • BG: Seven new electronic services of the Customs Agency are available to economic operators

    Seven new electronic services of the Customs Agency are available to economic operators. Through the platform, the Unified portal for access to administrative services, operators can submit a request for service to a specific office.

  • Bulgaria: Yuri Alkalay: It is wrong to think that the human factor will vanish in the e-government

    Yuri Alkalay, Director of E-Government Directorate to the Ministry of State Administration and Administrative Reform in an interview with FOCUS News Agency

  • 1st Bulgarian Municipality Switches to e-Government

    The small town of Ihtiman has become the first municipality in Bulgaria to work with an electronic archive for fast and convenient administrative services.

    The electronic archive was implement through an EU-funded project for "Improvement of Administrative Services through Development of e-Government."

    The total funding of BGN 395 000 was provided by Operational Program Administrative Capacity, and was co-funded through the European Social Fund.

  • 5 Bulgarian State Administrations Switch to Electronic Document Exchange

    Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and Transport Minister Ivaylo Moskovski launched on Tuesday an electronic document exchange platform at five state administrations.

    Starting Tuesday, the Transport Ministry, the Foreign Ministry, the Economy Ministry and the National Road Infrastructure Agency and the Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority (BULATSA) will be sending and receiving documents electronically.

    "Electronic document exchange saves time, boosts the efficiency of the administration and reduces institutions' costs. This is one of the first serious steps aimed at compensating for the delays in the past few years with the implementation of the electronic government ", Moskovski said, specifying that the most pessimistic estimates indicated that the new platform would save BGN 40 000 per year per unit, or a total of BGN 2 M for the five administrative bodies that will be using it.

  • 71% of central administration in Bulgaria offers services on one-stop-shop principle

    2005 Administration Report shows greater share of women and university graduates in public administration

    71% of central administration offer services on one-stop-shop principle. This principle is also applied in 100% of the district and 68% of the municipal administration units. This is expressed in the approved by the government 2005 Report on Public Administration.

  • After 13 Years of Preparations, Bulgaria Launches E-government

    The first five thousand Bulgarians, who have applied for an electronic identity card will receive their cards over the next few days. They will be able to use seventy services of Bulgaria’s e-government at the end of April 2013.

    The news was announced by Valeri Borissov, Deputy Minister for Information Technologies.

    The Sofia Municipality is providing fifty e-services to the citizens, while the state administration is launching twenty.

  • BG: A new state agency to be in charge with the e-government

    The idea for the establishment of Electronic Government State Agency was discussed at a sitting of the Administrative Reform Council today. Deputy Prime Minister Rumyana Bachvarova noted that the goal is to achieve more operativity and stability as well as to speed up introduction of the e-government by creating a structure-engine of the processes.

    It was proposed the establishment of the agency to be realised by restructuring the bodies responsible for the electronic government. The new agency will be responsible for the strategic planning and budgetary programming of horizontal policies for e-government, as well as to maintain technical infrastructure, information centres and communication network of the state administration.

  • BG: All hospitals to log births in electronic register

    From 1 January 2012, all Bulgarian hospitals will be required to log births in the electronic register (eRegister) of the Ministry of Health. This requirement is intended to improve monitoring in hospitals, to ensure optimal patient safety and quality, as well as to facilitate timely management decisions.

    Hospital maternity wards are required to log birth data within 24 hours of a delivery. The data is to be logged in the eRegister by authorised personnel using an electronic signature. It will contain such information as the location, time and date of the birth, details on the mother and newborn (e.g. sex, weight), the obstetrician who performed the delivery, whether it was an IVF pregnancy and if the mother abandoned her newborn.

  • BG: Aviation sector to use electronic services

    The clients of Directorate General Civil Aviation Administration of the Transport Ministry will have the opportunity to take advantage of 35 electronic services, the Capital Daily reports.

    Electronic services will save time for physical persons who need to visit the capital and the DG at least twice every year to submit various documents such as license applications and certificates, the Deputy Transport Minister Georgi Todorov said at presenting the project.

  • BG: BGN 16 Million for E-Governance are forseen under OPAC in 2013

    2,095 administrative services are already provided on-line and 100 administrative units have introduced internal e-document turnover, the Head of the OPAC Managing Authority Monika Dimitrova-Beecher reported during the conference on E-Governance in Service of Citizens.

    126 administrative units in the country have introduced quality management systems, 214 administrative units observe the standard service time of 20 minutes, 48 administrative units have improved access of people with disabilities to administrative services, and 10 administrative units can boast of an excellent level of "one-stop-shop" services.

  • BG: Borisov Asks Ministers to be More Active with the E-Government

    Prime Minister Boyko Borissov instructed the ministers to engage personally and more actively with the introduction of e-government.

    The reason for this is a comment by Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev on the lack of mobilization for introducing the electronic exchange of documents between administrations and the risk of non-observance of the deadline.

  • BG: Deputy PM Bachvarova met with the ministers for the e-government and the of culture of China

    700 million users will meet with you today”, said the minister of the administration of the cyberspace of China, Lu Vey, at the beginning of the working meeting with deputy Prime Minister Rumiana Bachvarova. It took place at the Ministry of the administration of the cyberspace in Beijing.

    Deputy Prime Minister Bachvarova and Minister Lu discussed the development of the e-government. The Bulgarian Deputy PM underlined that one of the challenges for all governments are the fast temps of development of the internet space which outrun the development of the e-government. “With you, like with the colleagues from EU and the USA, we have agreed that there is a necessity of centralization of the processes related to e-government in order to improve the services provided to the citizens and the business, as well as the functioning of the administration itself,“ emphasized Minister Bachvarova.

  • BG: E-government agency expected to start working at beginning of 2016: Bulgaria official

    “E-government agency is expected to start working at the beginning of 2016,” said Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Rumyana Bachvarova, speaking with journalists in Bulgaria’s second-biggest city of Plovdiv during the opening of a business forum themed Outsourcing Destination Bulgaria 2015, Radio FOCUS reported.

    Bachvarova said the establishment of the agency was a matter of the Electronic Government Act.

  • BG: E-government is a key priority of the present government: Pavel Hristov

    “Introduction of the e-government is a key priority of the present government,” deputy head of the Bulgarian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of Black Sea Economic Cooperation Pavel Hristov told journalists. He presented a report on the implementation of e-government in the countries of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation during the meeting of the Committee on Economic, Trade, Technological and Environmental Affairs, a reporter of Radio FOCUS – Varna announced.

  • BG: eGovernment costing further BGN 12 million: Banker weekly

    According to Bulgarian government’s plans, citizens should be able to take advantage of the so called eGovernment services starting from March 2013, Banker weekly reports.

    A total of 14 companies have applied to implement one or more of the eight lots of the public procurement on eGovernment. The whole process will cost some BGN 12 million.

  • BG: eHealth reduces expenditure in the health sector by 20 %

    With the introduction of eHealth, expenditure in the health sector decreases by 15-20 %, said Parvan Rusinov, the Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications at the inauguration of the 6th Regional Conference on eHealth on 10 February 2011.

    He added that for Bulgaria, as well as other countries in the region, eHealth is not a superfluous luxury, but a coherent approach to improving the effectiveness of the health system given a shortage of financial resources.

  • BG: eIdentity register to be established as part of a new MTITC project

    A register for the electronic identity (eIdentity) of the users of government services and an identity management system (IDM) will be created within the framework of a new project of the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications (Министерството на транспорта, информационните технологии и съобщенията - MTITC, in Bulgarian).

    The Managing Authority of the Operational Programme 'Administrative Capacity' (Оперативна програма 'Административен капацитет' - OPAC, in Bulgarian) has approved the MTITC project proposal 'Improvement of service delivery to the [users of government services] through the development of central eGovernment systems'.

  • BG: Electronic identification project contracts to be signed in presence of Bulgarian PM

    In the presence of Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communication Ivaylo Moskovski is to sign the contracts about a project titled “Improvement of Administrative Services through Development of the Central Systems of the E-Government,” announced the government’s press service.

    The project is worth BGN 12 million and is implemented with the financial assistance of Administrative Capacity OP, which is co-financed by the EU.

  • BG: Estonia to Help Bulgaria Launch E-Government

    Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev and his Estonian counterpart Toomas Ilves have agreed that the two countries have common stances and interests on the EU Cohesion Policy, the measures aimed at encouraging innovation, and energy diversification and market liberalization in line with the requirements of EU's Third Energy Package.

    The issues were discussed during talks between Plevneliev and Ilves on during the first day of Plevneliev's official visit to Tallinn, according to a media statement of the Bulgarian President's Office.

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